Vintage National Park save-the-date posters

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OBT member Alaura got some really unique inspiration when it came time to create her STDs.

“I discovered some vintage posters done in the 1930's by the WPA for the National Park system, and decided to take a picture from one of our hikes and turn it into that kind of poster.”

Are these not the coolest STDs for outdoorsy type couples? And Alaura and her Joe are exactly that — in fact, their honeymoon is going to be all about camping and hiking in a National Park. So these are so perfect!

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Comments on Vintage National Park save-the-date posters

  1. These are so awesome! I did consider a similar theme but couldn't figure out how to do it. So – how were they made?

  2. If my Photoshop-sense is correct, I'd guess that they opened the image in Photoshop and used the Cutout filter on it, then set the text over top. Very clever – turned out quite cute!

  3. You are correct! I used the cutout filter in Photoshop and discovered some nifty free fonts that mimicked WPA poster fonts. So excited to be OMG'd!

  4. Alaura – these are incredible and inspiring! But really I'm just commenting to tell you that you and I are getting married on the same popular day, at two different national parks (mine is in WA)! Yay for outdoorsy weddings!

  5. That's so great! We actually bought a bunch of the WPA National Parks postcards this summer and are planning to use them as our reply cards/invitations! I love the design so much!

  6. Great idea. I saw something similar on You Tube where the couple made a 10-15 minute mini-movie all about them. A little over the top, very cool and definitely offbeat! They got so many hots that they had to make it private. Too bad cause it was really inventive.

  7. We did a very similar design based on the WPA posters! We love visiting the National Parks and picking up both the reproduction & the newly designed posters – and in fact we have a bunch framed on our wall! For our Save the Dates, we had an amazing graphic designer draw our reception site (which is a tiny cottage and lawn overlooking the ocean in San Diego at UCSD). (I'm Photoshop-deficient… but get me in front of scissors & paper & that's another story!) We directed guests to our website, and then we posted more info about the National Parks posters there as well.

    So glad to see others appreciating this amazing art & translating it into a meaningful art form!

  8. this is awesome! I want to have my table names be the names of National Parks, trying to figure out how to design the table cards…any thoughts?

    • I know this is late in the game, but I cut cardboard into rectangles, and attached National Park postcards to them with photo corners. I DIY’d table number holders by buying oversized 6″ clothespins from Hobby Lobby and stood them on their ends and hot glued the bottoms of them to flat unfinished wood pieces that were in the shapes of moose and bears! It was a very simple project that took me, my MOH and one of our best men one night to complete. There are pictures of the table names on my OBT profile.

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