Vintage snack: a chiffon and embroidered veil bonanza

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This week's wayback machine brings us three photos from a wedding in 1951 chock full of old Hollywood glam. Enjoy!

The layered dresses! The ruching! The Juliet caps! The amazing embroidered mantilla veil! This is one of those times to soak in the details. The couple's kissing shot is straight out of Casablanca.

Here is what Julia had to say about her submission:

When my grandfather passed away in November 2009, I was lucky enough to have my grandparents' wedding pictures handed over to me. I scanned each one onto my computer and absolutely adore them.

The funny thing was that before this, I had never seen a photograph of their wedding day, even though they had been married until my grandmother passed away in 1994. I've always thought my grandma, Ruthe, was very old school Hollywood Glam (think classic Judy Garland), but I was absolutely floored by these amazing pictures! They look like they are straight out of a film. My only regret is that I have no idea what color the bridesmaid's dresses were and don't know if anyone does either.

The Wedding details:

Joseph Kozuck and Ruthe Wallmichrath
Married June 30, 1951

Do you have vintage wedding photos hidden away? Email me! Try to include as much info as you know about the photo, plus your Tribe or personal URL, if you have one.

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Comments on Vintage snack: a chiffon and embroidered veil bonanza

  1. Oy vey, this just knocks me over.

    I love that not only do we get to see these beautiful images, but learn the stories behind them as well.

  2. I believe the bridesmaid dresses are pink. The way that color is translated- appears to be about pink. Thanks for sharing the beautiful memories! 🙂

  3. You can look up the wedding announcement in the local paper; back then they always went into detail about what everyone wore.

    • I want to say I’ve checked before…But I’m not done searching :). The best part is, I have the original typed engagement announcement which does detail all the clothes,etc. Thanks for the tip.

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