The offbeat bride: Suzie, kindergarten teacher and student (and OBT member “Suzie Müllner“)

Her offbeat partner: Martin, electrician and photographer

Location & date of wedding: 8th district of Vienna — 24.07.09

What made our wedding offbeat: We decided to forget about this traditional Austrian wedding stuff, because that's not really us. So, the location was clear, we didn't want the wedding in the wedding office in our district (because this one was just next to the pathological morgue) and offbeat places for weddings are nearly impossible to organize and pay for here in Austria. So we had it in the wedding office in the old town of Vienna.

Then we decided that I didn't want to wear white, so I got a custom-made “Moulin Rouge” dress from Deconstructress Designs. My husband laid eyes on this Dr. Who suit from the sience-fiction series and the shirt from Joker in The Dark Knight (if you look close enough, he even had the sonic screwdriver in his suit). And we both wore Converse Chucks.

I couldn't decide on what flowers to use in my bouquet, so I made them from black and red felt and buttons myself. As I did the bouquets on the tables at the party. Oh, and I had, for my comic-loving husband, a batman garter. 🙂

The cake I desired was much too expensive in a bakery, so my dad and I made it ourselves, which turned out wonderful. My father-in-law organized a city bus just for the wedding party, that drove us all the way through Vienna. That was really fun!


Our biggest challenge: It was really hard to fit all the wishes from friends and family members in one party. They all wanted something different and their way, no matter if we wanted it or not. In the end, we just ignored them and did our thing and it turned out wonderful.

My favorite moment: My favorite was after the ceremony. Here in Austria the tradition with the wedding vows doesn't exist. My newlywed husband came to me and said, “Did i tell you that i really love you?” It was so sweet…

My offbeat advice: Don't let wishes and complaints from every family member and friend ruin the time before and during the wedding for you! We really tried to get everybody satisfied, but that was an impossible thing to do. In the end, I think everyone was impressed and didn't say a negative word.

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Comments on Suzie & Martin’s Moulin Rouge meets Dr. Who Vienna wedding

  1. Okay educate me. In Austria what thing with the wedding vows don't exist? What is normally said? Is anything said or is it just going to the city office to sign something?
    Love the Dr. Who idea and the bouquet.

    • hey! the groom and the bride are just saying "yes" in austria. there are no wedding vows, the registrar (is this the right term?) is saying his text and that is it.

  2. More than anything, it looks like FUN. Everyone looks so relaxed and happy. It's great!

  3. Beautiful! We had a Tardis and Dalek cakes for our wedding and I LOVE the sonic screwdriver!!!!!! Congrats!!!! Yay to Dr. Who weddings!! 🙂

  4. What a gorgeous couple you make! So happy, so individual. LOVE the bouquets, the shoes, the dress, the love LOVE it! Congratulations on making it all yours!!

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