Evergram just revolutionized your wedding guestbook and it’s COMPLETELY FREE!

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The wedding day can be a blur of so much blissed-out, awesome, happy, smiley, high-on-lurve times, that you may not remember all the blessings and sweet messages from your friends and family. I was lucky enough to have my videographer record some special messages from my guests, and it's by FAR my favorite part of our wedding video. Yes, I had a guestbook, but my guests' hastily-written messages weren't as heart-felt as their videos.

But oh how I wish I had been able to get messages from my grandpa who couldn't be there (and has since passed away), or to get a message from my best friend who was at the wedding but never was able to be flagged down by the videographer. That's where our sponsor Evergram would have come in handy. Evergram is a brand new service that captures videos, texts, and audio messages that only your crazy friends and wonderful family could provide.

This is how Evergram is going to revolutionize your wedding guestbook (and maybe even get you free coffee):

Evergram allows your closest friends and family to record video wedding wishes for you. These are then crafted into a online keepsake album, delivered digitally to you on your wedding day. It's like the coolest digital guestbook, that doesn't take up ANY time, space, or planning-out at your actual wedding. You won't have to wrangle one of your friends to the “the guestbook monitor” because all of your guests will have already had the time to think of their special message for y'all — even the ones who couldn't be there! And since Evergram gives your guests time to sit on what they want to say, you may end up with more heartfelt messages than what you'd get as they rush to sign your guestbook at the party. Perhaps you'll even get a few viral-worthy videos created by your crazy wedding party.

I also love this description from their website…

Evergram allows people to easily create and send meaningful keepsake communications into the future — to the people they care most about. When video, text or audio messages are sent for future delivery, whether hours, days or even years later, the degree of thoughtfulness usually increases. This is a phenomenon often experienced in letter writing, and one that our team has integrated into the Evergram experience.

Fall and Winter weddings can take advantage of Evergram's special deal…

OFFBEAT PROMOTION: If your wedding is between October 15th and December 15th, 2012, you are eligible to use the new Evergram beta service at ZERO COST, as in COMPLETELY FREE. In addition, the first 100 Evergram members who invite their guests to use the service will receive a $20 Starbuck's gift card.

Questions? email: [email protected]

So forget having a guestbook at the wedding — have your guests give their greetings digitally whenever they want — get thee to Evergram!

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    • My wedding is also October 13th, and I submitted a request for an invite to the beta, and they replied with one right away 🙂

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