Just in time to celebrate Geek WeekOffbeat Bride Tribe member Darina and her fiance Niko have unveiled their 8-bit video game wedding invitations that they designed themselves!

Darina explains:

“We knew that we didn't want standard paper invites. We wanted something for people to keep and remember. We are geeks. We love video games. Why not have a video game invite?”

The video games have two player choices, you're either the bride or the groom. And the goal is to get to the end to see all the wedding info. So here's what it looks like…

Playing as Darina:

Playing as Niko:

It's worth noting that the games start by asking the user to say whether they've ever played a video game before. We're guessing that if the user selects NO, that the game plays itself. 🙂

The invitations/games come in jewel cases with informational booklets, and the cd also contains…

“…an original soundtrack and outtakes (it took me two hours to get the “I'm sorry Niko…” line straight). It also promotes our awesome singing skills, by singing not only the wrong tune, but also the wrong words of the Soviet hymn.”

Check out the packaging that the bride and groom also designed themselves:

For those of you who are interested, here's where you can download and play the invitations! You can download it with Windows, or, using Wine, with Linux and Mac.

If their invitations are this geeky-cool, I can not WAIT to see their wedding porn!

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Comments on 8-bit video game wedding invitations!

  1. Super cool …. but the music is NOT original: The beginning is the c64 tune of "Human Race", composed by Rob Hubbard, see e.g.

    . The game music is also Rob Hubbard, but I can't recall what game it is from — download HVSC (Collection of all C64 Sid Music) if you care.

    Bottom line: Super cool; but bad karma for not giving proper music credit!

  2. That is absolutely awesome! I am having my reception at a gaming pub I would love to have invitations like those!!

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