I am hoping to have many more stories to share from this totally magic semi-goth/historicalish wedding that happened in Venice, Italy. For now, I give you these amazing photos

I know it's a great wedding if I'm looking at the couple standing at the altar and thinking to myself, “Can I be the meat in that wedding sandwich?” RAOWR!

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Comments on Venetian wedding

  1. My boyfriend is Venetian — maybe a trip down San Marco is in my future as well? Looking forward to reading it.

  2. Wow, now this is how you do it. No half-assing. They are spectacular. It probably helps that they’re beautiful people!

  3. What a gorgeous couple and a fabulous wedding! How did they organise it – through a wedding planner or did they do it all themselves? Just intrigued, as I quite fancy the idea of getting married in Venice myself …

  4. Oh, my…my wedding is fairly “traditional”, but after reading about your wedding, I am just floored. Amazing. Beautiful!

  5. What a wonderful location… We got engaged here during carnival in February… these pics have given me some wonderful ideas.

  6. such hot couple….and the kinda marriage ny1 can just dream about…good luck guys 🙂

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