6 reasons to meet your vendors in person before you book (and meet Melissa Miksch at Lovesick!)

Updated Oct 12 2015
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Meeting vendors in person before you book them is such a great way to get to know them, make sure they feel your vibe, and maybe even make a new friend. Let's talk about why meeting your vendors (and especially our sponsor, Seattle area-based photographer Melissa Miksch) in person before booking them will ease all your vendor-related fears.

You can see who runs this joint

You want to feel like you really know these people working your wedding. Melissa Miksch and her husband Mike run their photography business together and have their own talents that they leverage when capturing a wedding day. Melissa is the outgoing one who will herd the cats where they need to be, and will help you get all those myriad portraits while making you feel like you're just hanging out. Mike is the quiet guy who will get psyched about all your geeky and crafty details. Getting to know the faces and people behind the lens/flowers/turntable will assure you that they know what they're doing and can handle your needs.


You can check out their style and portfolio

Using photography as our example, this is where things get pretty particular. Melissa focuses on bright, colorful images and crisp black and white. That's definitely something to know ahead of time if you're looking for a specific look to your wedding album photos.

You may also want to peek and see if your style and body type are represented in a vendor's portfolio. We've talked about the issue of hiding nontraditional couples from portfolios and we looooove it when photographers rep all kinds of offbeat couples in theirs.

Melissa and Mike are game for partnering with all our offbeat couples of all sizes, shapes, and looks. Seriously, check out the array of glorious offbeatness in their portfolio! Hashtag swoon.


You can air your fears

Much like the airing of grievances, meeting your vendor in person before booking them will almost definitely assuage some fears.

Let them know about your insecurities, the family members who may need the most herding, your worries about timing, and so on. These people are PROS and most likely have experienced all of your fears before… and have the answers to solve them.

Melissa Miksch Photography is also featured in our Offbeat Vendors guide!

You can see if they match your marriage values

Melissa Miksch supports marriage equality, and if that's as important to you as it is to us, you want to make sure that your vendor supports that cause, too. Meeting with them in person means you get to ask these questions and get the answers you need.

You can see if they'd offer you a discount since you're so cute in-person!

Okay, so maybe they don't have a cute-in-person discount, but they may see something about you that they absolutely NEED in their portfolio and can cut you a deal if you ask super nicely. Or in this case, Melissa has a deal already waiting for you:

Mention Offbeat Bride when you meet and/or book Melissa and get $250 off a $2500+ booking.

K&B Wedding Preview -  094

You can have a kick-ass time at Lovesick while meeting your vendors!

Melissa will be at the Seattle Lovesick Expo this year and neeeeeeds to meet you there. Trust me, even if you're already in love with her work and want her as your photographer, this expo is a good time regardless and you can cement your love by giving her a huge hug.

February 8th: make a date to meet Melissa, meet us, meet burlesque dancers, entertainers, and all kinds of offbeat vendors. Click here for tickets.

Then go check out what Melissa Miksch can offer you in the way of totally personalized, completely hassle-free, and very affordable wedding photography. She's happy to set up individual consults (and the coffee is on her!).

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