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    Stylus DJ Entertainment

    Stylus is the region’s top-rated, woman-owned wedding DJ agency serving New York, Philadelphia, the Hudson Valley and beyond.

    Our team of fun, music-loving DJs is open-minded, adaptable and provides highly personalized and responsive service.

    Music is one element in a wedding that can truly be as unique as you are.

    Whether your tastes are mainstream or offbeat, general or specific, Stylus DJs take the time to listen, to ask questions and to make suggestions while curating a custom soundtrack to one of the most important days of your life.

    If the musical goal of your event is to reflect your personalities, to please your guests, to make a great dance party, or all of the above, we put the energy and focus into getting the balance right.

    With Stylus, you can give as much or as little input as you like into the song selection process. Some clients have a long list of songs in mind already, while others need help and welcome our knowledge and expertise.

    In any case, we don’t rely on generic set lists or preconceived notions about what wedding music is “supposed” to sound like.

    Proud to be an Offbeat Bride Featured Vendor, Winner of the 2016-2019 Wedding Wire Couples’ Choice Award, and the 2017-2019 The Knot Best of Weddings Award!

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    How I cater to Offbeat Brides

    * Transparent pricing that accommodates a range of budgets
    * Our reliable, professional DJs keep the party flowing with great music – no gimmicks, over-the-top hype, earsplitting volume or excessive talking.
    * We are music lovers with an amazing library of music – if we don’t already have it, we are happy to buy it.
    * We are never cookie cutter – every set is customized, even with minimal direction from the client.
    * You can trust that we will pay close attention to your Must Plays, Do Not Plays, and openness to guest requests.

    Many of our clients are looking for an alternative to the typical cheesy DJ – someone who really “gets” them and their musical goal. For example:

    * Are you a serious music lover? Crate digger, collector, musician, former college radio DJ? Go to concerts, follow Pitchfork lists, listen to independent radio?
    * Detail-oriented? “Type A,” into organization and spreadsheets? Need vendors who can keep up with you and execute your vision perfectly?
    * Going against the grain relative to family/guest expectations, musically, culturally or otherwise, or consciously accommodating those expectations?
    * Want a low-pressure, low-hype vibe? Shy or uncomfortable being in the spotlight? Are you or your guests more reserved or not big dancers?
    * Unsure of what you want? First-time wedding planner? Not a music expert? Looking for guidance? Sure of some things you don’t want?

    Whatever the situation, our goal is to make the music planning process seamless and stress-free. If these qualities resonate with you, please get in touch. We could be the perfect match!

    “We have very strong opinions about music, and one of the first DJs we talked to assured us they would listen to our suggestions, but on the day of, they would play ‘whatever it took to get people dancing.’ We wanted to be able to have the music we loved on our day...when we talked to Jane, she immediately seemed to get it.” – Arielle DiGiacomo

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    $ thrifty
    $$ budget
    $$$ midrange
    $$$$ upscale
    $$$$$ luxury