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    Requiem Images

    Hey there!

    My name is Kat and I am addicted to love. <3

    I'm also an artist and a total weirdo.

    I am a “fine art wedding photojournalist” — a mouthful, I know — which means I spend the day turning your wedding into a beautiful pictorial documentation that allows you to relive the day over and over again and give friends and family who weren't able to attend a chance to “be there.”

    I also take moments throughout the day to create works of fine art, or photos that would be interesting even to those who don't know you, as well as taking a bit more than a moment to create beautiful, artistic portraits that will stand out in the crowd.

    In a nutshell, while I adore documenting the emotion, excitement, LOVE and every other raw emotion found throughout the wedding process, I also relish in the interesting, the unique, and creating images that will leave you saying “wow.”

    What else makes me so awesome? Ready for it?

    I don't limit my hours — I'm with you all day!

    I've started shooting 1 roll of FILM at each wedding!

    I'm like a photographic chameleon — I can adapt my style to any scenario. Boho chic? Upscale modern? Crazy party? My photos will reflect the beauty and uniqueness of the event, not just one specific style.

    Every package comes with a custom USB and metal print!

    I always run through the rehearsal with you, create a custom timeline, and am just all around here for you through the whole process as a friend as well as an artist. Need an opinion on a dress? Help finding a cool breakfast food truck? Want me to help you shop for shoes? No problem!!

    And there's so much more!

    Check out my website and social media accounts, or just call or text me anytime.

    I would love to talk to you, make you my friend, and create something for you and your partner that is beautiful and totally unique.

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    How I cater to Offbeat Brides

    I’m awesome at catering to offbeat coupless because I am an Offbeat Bride! And groom? Ok just offbeat. But also a bride soon!

    Anyway, I’m offbeat I guess because I listen to weird music and have tattoos but I’m also blonde and sweet and f*cking love art and being creative. More than anything, I just am what I am. I’m real. And a real artist.

    And in a professional and artist, I know what I will want as a bride, and I work my ass off to be that for you.

    Someone who is there for me through the whole wedding process, who gets excited with me, a weird little blonde who stays all day because she’s having so much fun, and stays up late after it’s over, crying as she looks at the beautiful moments she was able to keep in tact and cheering as she finds her little gems of fine art.

    Someone who really, really cares about turning your day into something awesome that you can keep forever.

    That’s what I would want, and only part of what I give to you. <3

    I don't even know where to begin! I fell in love with Kat's pictures and her style and as soon as I talked to her on the phone I knew she was perfect. Kat took our engagement pictures and the pictures were so natural and fun and then she kept in contact over the months leading up to the wedding. Kat came to our rehearsal to start figuring out shots and even took a few pictures of us doing our last kiss as Mr. And Miss. The next day she was with us the entire day. Kat turned into not only our photographer but a friend. I would recommend Requiem Images without hesitation to anyone who wants amazing, natural, fun pictures that aren't staged or cheesy.

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