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    Your ceremony as a gift

    Couples spend hours considering reception details to make sure their guests have an amazing time at their wedding. But they often see the ceremony as something the guests have to suffer through before they can get a drink. What if your ceremony could be a gift? A chance for people to renew their own understanding of love and commitment, or simply a time to set down the cares of the weary world and fill their hearts. A ceremony authentic to you and the moment is soul food.

    “After the wedding, we had so many guests tell us the same thing, our ceremony was nothing like they’d ever witnessed before. They told us the ceremony was so heartfelt and filled with love, it was impossible to not get swept up into it.” ~2019 bride

    To begin, you must (re)discover what marriage means to you—it’s not the same for any two couples.

    Let’s start the Discovery process.

    Hi! I’m Maureen Cotton, an Interspiritual Reverend.

    queer_wedding_officiant_bostonIt would be my honor to be your guide. My process leads you and your partner inward so that you can articulate the magic of your shared life, values, and vision for the future. We’ll develop a radically present wedding ceremony that no one will ever forget.

    🏳️‍🌈 🏳️‍⚧️ Pride: I vividly remember the emotional labor of coming out to every vendor when my wife and I married in 2012. Hence the rainbow ring: I want all couples to know you’ll be ✨celebrated✨ in our journey together.

    ⚕️ My spouse and I are fully vaccinated against COVID-19.

    SPIRITUAL-BUT-NOT-RELIGIOUS couples will reflect on moments when they have felt an unnamable divine presence, and seek to tap into that on their wedding day.

    INTERFAITH couples will also be considering what their religions/traditions of origin teach about marriage, and which of those teachings hold meaning for them.

    SECULAR couples might ask themselves when they have felt most alive. What can those moments teach us about who we are as a committed partner?

    “Maureen came back to us with a true masterpiece. She beautifully wove our faiths and family traditions together into one. She pulled from memories we had shared of our relationship to make it feel as though she had known us forever.” ~2019 bride

    How I cater to Offbeat Brides

    Many couples who know they don’t want a religious wedding assume it has to be a simple civil ceremony, or officiated by a friend. They may not realize that with the growing number of us in the spiritual-but-not-religious category, there are folks like me. Interspiritual ministers who can explore their spiritual life with them and form a ceremony that is expresses their values and dreams, that invites their community to be part of the moment, in which every aspect is built authentically around you. A ceremony that is ultimately a gift—not just to the couple but to every one lucky to be a part of it.

    Such weddings might be interfaith, totally secular, spiritual but not religious. Or, impossible to categorize, but just so very YOU, and deeply felt.

    I also serve as a consultant and writer. I can help you create a ceremony outline (including ritual, order, remembrances, readings, approach to vows, participation and more) that you take to write the ceremony yourselves. Or I can write a full, beautiful, custom, word-for-word ceremony so that a loved one can officiate. That way, they can focus on nailing the delivery and giving it a personal, beautiful touch.

    No matter where we end up, we begin with discerning what marriage means to you two, and how to craft the perfect first day of that marriage—otherwise known as your wedding. <3

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    “We knew we didn’t want a religious ceremony so we had kind of written off the whole thing as a formality to get to before the party.
    But, meeting you opened my eyes to a new way of thinking about our wedding ceremony—as transformational experience for us as a couple. And I am so grateful for that.
    I feel so lucky to have had this experience and to share our story with with you. And then hear it told back to us the way that you did was just like…
    I feel like the Love Story you wrote for us—capital ‘L’ Love Story—is a priceless piece of art that we’ll be able to look back on for the rest of our lives.”
    ~ Caroline & Matt, 2021 newlyweds


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