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    Imagine if the beauty of a wedding centerpiece could last for months!? Glam Fleur specializes in preserved rose arrangements, personally prepared and uniquely designed by highly trained floral designers.

    Glam Fleur Roses Last a Year or More, What’s Our Secret?

    • We pick 100% real Ecuadorian roses at the peak of freshness
    • We choose only the most beautiful and highest-quality blooms
    • We use an all-natural process to preserve the roses for 12+ months
    • With this natural process, we extend the beauty of rose arrangements for you to appreciate and admire

    The Glam Fleur Experience

    With careful preservation, the delicate life and unmatched beauty of our roses far surpass the expected 3-4 day duration of their prime.

    Glam Fleur’s arrangements use preserved roses which can last for up to two years with proper care and storage.

    You don’t need to water them or give them sunlight. Just keep them in a slightly cool and dry spot in your home, away from dust. With minimal care, you can enjoy your Glam Fleur preserved roses for a very long time.

    The preservation process used on Glam Fleur blooms allows roses to maintain a completely natural appearance and feel, as if they were freshly picked – nothing but the very best in timeless glamour. To achieve such liveliness, we pick the flowers at their peak of beauty and radiance.

    We delight the senses of sight and smell through our creations. If you cherish those small daily moments that help you to get in touch with your senses – Glam Fleur is just for you.

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    How I cater to Offbeat Brides

    Glam Fleur is a modern-luxury floral design brand. Our small design team in Los Angeles conceives and then handcrafts each piece with care. We draw inspiration from the things that make us say, “Oh là là!”

    Chic vintage glamour. Classic roses. Luxury fashion. We combine these elements and turn them into unique floral centerpieces. Whether they are for you, or that special person who deserves a gift, they’re ideal for any occasion.

    Our roses make long-lasting wedding centerpieces or, for the higher-end Offbeat Bride, truly remarkable gifts for glamorous groomsgirls, bridesmen, and other luxury beloveds.

    Why Long-Lasting Roses Are Worth Every Penny

    At Glam Fleur, our luxury arrangements are more than expensive roses that come in a box. Your loved ones can admire a preserved bouquet much longer than they can keep traditional flowers. That fact makes our products a treasure that anyone will cherish.

    We also offer roses at impressive prices, allowing you to gift a bit of extravagance without going out of your budget. A high-end florist can charge up to $90 for a freshly cut bouquet. Our roses have a similar price point, but their beauty lasts far longer than the average bouquet. Incredible value and unparalleled beauty make our roses worth every penny. When you gift year-round opulence, you purchase roses that are:

    * Long-lasting and beautiful: While traditional live bouquets will only be in peak beauty for a few days, our preserved roses allow your loved one to admire their stunning arrangement for at least a year
    * Completely customizable: We have options that enable you to create an arrangement for the person you love by selecting your roses’ color and container style
    * Appreciated by everyone: You can feel confident in your gift when you give someone luxury preserved roses that are stunning, thoughtful, and full of meaning

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