The offbeat bride: Emily, OBT Member

Her offbeat partner: Benj

Location & date of wedding: Valley of Fire, Nevada — April 26, 2009

What made our wedding offbeat: My husband and I had planned two weddings that both failed miserably due to family fueds and a sad loss. So, my groom, our son and I decided to run away and elope. So, we went to Vegas! DSCN3047

But it wasn't your everyday Las Vegas wedding. We still did it our way! We drove out to the Valley of Fire, climbed out onto the red rock, and said our “I do's” on a cliff at sunset.

I wore a untraditional, plain white dress with black trim. The Groomsie wore all black with white accents. The best man, our one-year-old son, wore an adorable baby suit! The three of us all wore chucks. Chucks are the only shoe you will ever catch me wearing, so I only saw it fitting to wear it on my big day!


Our biggest challenge: The hardest thing was keeping it a secret. The wedding went great! But once we got home and told everyone, it was kinda hard to hear all the negative comments about how upset everyone was that they weren't there. DSCN2994

But we decided to throw an offbeat party to celebrate. We are threw a three-for-one party. We recently bought a house in November, our son turned one on the 28th of April and our wedding was on the 26th. So we had a housewarming/birthday/wedding celebration!

My favorite moment: The one thing that is the most burnt into my brain is hiking up my dress and hopping across the rock to this cliff Benj wanted to climb. It was a huge challenge to climb the cliff in a big ol' wedding dress, but it made amazing pictures!
Also, on our way down, while off camera, Ben gave me a diamond tennis bracelet, it was perfect… DSCN3107

My advice for offbeat brides: Let your wedding reflect who you are, and don't stress… If people want to criticize things a little, just let it go, after all it is just a day.

Oh and also, don't bend over backwards to be different. You don't want look back on your wedding day and think “What was I thinking?!”

Enough talk — show me the wedding porn!

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