Can't choose just one best man? Just have a two-headed “Beast Man.” What else would you expect from a fabulous face-painted couple? Don't forget the “boo-quet” for this Gothic Fairy + Day of the Dead = FAY of the Dead wedding! – Becca

The offbeat bride: Carmen (Tribe member)

Her offbeat partner: Darryl

Location & date of wedding: Viva Las Vegas Wedding Chapel, Las Vegas NV — October 31, 2010

What made our wedding offbeat: After being together for eleven years, the last thing we wanted was a traditional wedding. Being a couple of horror/offbeat-loving oddballs, a Halloween wedding was a no-brainer.

We decided to have our wedding in Vegas to avoid spending a small fortune on our offbeat ideas at home. Besides, the proposal happened in Vegas so we might as well have it officiated there.

We didn't really expect a big turnout, being an out-of-town wedding, but we sent out mini Ouija Board wedding invitations to all and had a respectable seventeen guests. This suited us just fine.

Having the wedding on Halloween let us bring out our creative sides. We each put together our own outfits. Carmen was a gothic faerie and Darryl was a Day of the Dead-inspired ghoul.

We had a little fun with the wedding party. Since Darryl wasn't able to choose just one best man, we came up with the idea of making them a two headed beast, and thus coining them the “Beast Man.” On my side, we had the “Maid of Horror” in all her sparkly, bunny-faced glory.

I made the “Boo-quet” myself using artificial black roses and a silver sparkled skull I picked up at the dollar store. In it was a Dunny representing my Dad who, unfortunately, could not attend. I also made “Boo-tonnieres” out of Sculpy and nails for the guys.

Most of the guests showed up in costumes, which was pleasantly unexpected. We had Sonny and Cher, cats, scarecrows, and geishas attend. My mother came as a mummy (“Mummy of the Bride”) and Darryl's mother came as a devil (“Hot Mama”).

Tell us about the ceremony: Instead of the traditional wedding march, I walked down the aisle to Danny Elfman‘s “Ice Dance” from Edward Scissorhands, and we walked out to Type O Negative‘s “Love You to Death

After a brief six minute ceremony we all headed to Fremont Street in lieu of a reception, for pictures and debauchery.

My favorite moment: The most meaningful moment, I think, would be after we both said “I do.” After eleven years, it was great to finally be official.

My funniest moment: We had a few funny moments that night. It was hilarious to see the “Beast Man” try to walk down the street and maneuver in their shared jacket. It was also pretty funny seeing people's reactions to our outfits and being constantly bombarded with people wanting to take their photos with us down on Fremont Street. We were also blessed by a self-proclaimed Marriage Fairy (actually a gruff man in a Fairy outfit).

My advice for offbeat brides: Laugh off all the snide remarks. If someone tells you your wedding is going to be too far out there, laugh and say, “EXACTLY!”

What was the most important lesson you learned from your wedding? We learned to stay away from Fremont on major holidays. That place was crazy on Halloween night.

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Comments on Carmen & Darryl’s Fay of the Dead wedding

  1. Thank you so much for this! I’m getting married in Vegas and was unsure about pictures since I’m getting married at sunset. You had great pictures at sunset and night! Thanks again!

  2. This is just… amazing. Insanely creative. The bride has the best hair (wish I could magic it onto my own head, not that that’s creepy or anything) and the cutest outfit. I also really love bunny masks, and the maid of horror’s is awesome.

  3. Completely awesome. The groom’s make-up came out so well, and the bride makes a gorgeous gothic faerie. Love it all, but my fave might be the beast man.

  4. Lordy lordy, your hair is amazing Carmen! If my hairdresser tells me again that it’s just not possible to curl super long hair, I’m going to show her the picture of you with all the pretty lights behind, and tell her to get on with it!

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