How to make a kick-ass vegan s’mores station for your wedding

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Vegan smores photo by Dandies Vegan Marshmallows

When you're throwing a wedding for a bunch of Los Angelenos (like I did), you're going to have to accommodate a LOT of different food restrictions. But mostly we had a butt-ton of vegans. Since they were kind of boned on the main wedding dessert (ice cream!) I made sure that they could have one awesome wedding s'mores station experience.

What I learned is that a vegan s'mores station is just as yummy and sometimes even better in some ways. Here's what you need…

Vegan graham crackers

Kinnikinnick S'moreable Graham Cracker

These are vegan and gluten-free, and some say that Kinnikinnick S'moreable Graham Crackers are even better than regular graham crackers because they're thicker so there's no breakage issues!

Original Nabisco Graham Crackers

You can even go sneaky-vegan if you use the original Nabisco Graham Crackers in the red box. (Apparently the original recipe was accidentally vegan!)

Vegan marshmallows

Dandies Vegan Marshmallows

These Dandies Vegan Marshmallows are the kind we used, and they were awesome! Not only are they delicious, they actually held up to the elements better than regular marshmallows. The Jet-Puffed ones got all sticky and melty in their jars, theses stayed perfect.

Trader Joes Vegan Gluten Free Marshmallows

In “what CAN'T Trader Joe's make” news: They have their own vegan and gluten-free marshmallows!

Vegan and dairy-free chocolate

Endangered Species vegan dark chocolate
Sweet Chocolate Dream Creamy Sweet Chocolate Bar
Milkless Vegan Chocolate Bars

Extra fun vegan smore recipe ideas

Justin's Organic Peanut Butter Cups – Gluten Free – Variety Pack

Give them vegan peanut butter cups and bananas to make peanut butter banana s'mores!

Chocolate covered cocomels

Make dark chocolate sea salt caramel s'mores by using these chocolate covered cocomels.

Bonus items…

What our S'mores bar looked like at our wedding. (Photo by Wild About You Photography)

I ordered a bunch of canisters, including this 5-Piece Airtight Canister Set with clip top lids and chalkboard labels. While I can't vouch for their vegan-ness, I can say they were the perfect way to store and display all the goodies for s'more ingredients. (As you can see in that photo above!)

s'more Chocolate Scented Note Cards

When all is said and done, and you pulled off the most kick-ass vegan s'mores station, you can thank all your guests for coming with these chocolate-scented Smores-shaped notecards!

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  1. Such a good idea it is for vegan! I agree that Dandies Vegan Marshmallows is really awesome. And bananas with peanut butter is great combination. I bet your recipe will make wedding more unforgettable

  2. That looks so awesome! I’ve never had s’mores (I guess it’s mainly an American thing?) but that’s such a cool idea and looks amazeballs delicious! Side note – there are loads of vegan ice cream brands (I’m jealous because Ben and Jerry’s now do vegan ice cream but it’s only available in America!) so that’s something really easy to have vegan if anyone’s doing something similar for dessert.

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