Eliza Truitt Photography shot a really touching wedding of an offbeat mama and I wanted to share these photos with you during Offbeat Mama Week…

Meet Brandell and Drew from Seattle. The bride remade her mom's 70s maxi dress into a cool short dress and the groom wore and amazing cream vintage suit.

The wedding was held at Camp Burton, a summer camp on Vashon Island, and everything was put together by family and friends. And apparently they literally tied the knot.

And would you just look at this face!!! I want to marry this photograph at a summer camp wedding in Washington. Jeez.  If you want to see more photos like these (and on a superficial level — check out the bride's shoes!) head over to Eliza Truitt's photography blog and soak in the beautiful Offbeat Mama porn.

Comments on Beautiful offbeat mama-bride Vashon Island wedding

  1. I’m so excited for mom-bride week, and this wedding is gorgeous. Love, love, love the shot of mom-bride holding her little girl’s panties while they’re getting ready (and the earlier pics of the girl running around naked in somebody’s high heels — clearly evading the wearing of the panties). I know these people. I AM these people.

  2. I kinda lost it over that last picture, with the mom kissing the little girl on the cheek…. It’s a BEAUTIFUL shot! I don’t even know them and I kinda want to frame it..(Kinda creepy…I know..sorry)

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