All Vans, all the time: shoes for those going “dapper casual”

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Photo courtesy of Chicago's Hitch & Sparrow.
Photo courtesy of Chicago's Hitch & Sparrow.
I was so inspired by Anthony's groom gear post yesterday that I decided to focus this shoe post on his footwear of choice: VANS!

Yes, Converse seem to be the standard favorite of many offbeat grooms (and more than a few brides!), but for those aiming for a “dapper casual” look, Vans are definitely a solid favorite.

I'm including a range of styles from high tops to slip-ons, and a range of colors from basic black and white to checkers and cheetah print… sadly, the flames are only available in kid sizes (perfect for a ring bear, perhaps?).

Vans - SK8-Hi Reissue ((Leather) Chili Pepper/Black) - Footwear

Vans - Chukka Low (Grey/Grey) - Footwear

Vans - Authentic (Lemon Chrome/Black) - Footwear

Vans - Classic Slip-On ((Checkerboard) True White/True White) - Footwear

Vans - AV Era 1.5 ((Chambray) Blue) - Footwear

Vans - Zapato Del Barco Core Classics (True White) - Footwear

Vans - Authentic Lo Pro (Ceramic/True White) - Footwear

Vans - Classic Slip-On Core Classics (Black and White Checker/White (Canvas)) - Footwear

Vans - SK8-Hi Core Classics ((Checkerboard) Black/Pewter) - Footwear

Vans - Authentic Hi ((Leopard) Black/True White) - Footwear

Vans - Zapato Del Barco Core Classics (True White) - Footwear

Vans - Chauffeur (80's Tri Tone) - Footwear

Vans - Classic Slip-On ((Checker) Ceramic/True White) - Footwear

Vans - Classic Slip-On ((Canvas) Chili Pepper) - Footwear

Vans - Stat (Natural/Gold) - Footwear

Random bonus shoe

Awesome - Yellow

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Comments on All Vans, all the time: shoes for those going “dapper casual”

  1. I LOVE vans. I’ve been wearing them for years. Each pair I own gets worn to death- and then some!

  2. My groom did white vans and all the rest had the gray check….we got special orange shoelaces for all of them to make them “custom” with our color combo. They were a hit!

  3. Hell yeah! I’m getting married in August on a beach in Alaska in grey classic slip-ons. I’ve been an avid Vans fan since high school and I have always loved how they look sans socks so they’re the natural choice to pair with my shortish dress. I’ll change into cute sandals for the reception but I wouldn’t dream of taking this big life step with anything else on my feet. Bonus: FH knows how much I love the look of a man in all-black slip-ons a la David Boreanaz and surprised me by buying a pair, he intends to wear them the whole day *swoon*

  4. Hilarious that this ran today considering my guy just received his custom made Vans in the mail today! They are awesomeballs! If they hadn’t arrived on time, he was going to wear his dressier Vans as a backup, but either way, his feet are supporting Vans!

  5. Vans are so good because they have literally got any color available and they are smart casual. They go with literally anything and the price is very reasonable!

  6. Love this post! We ordered my groom custom Vans and are eagerly awaiting their arrival now!

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