There's something for every one of your Valentines (even the darkest of hearts) from Gemvara

Updated Oct 12 2015
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Valentine's Day is coming up, and you know what that means — HEARTS GALORE and people expressing their lurve! Coming soon I'll be writing a post about how you can use all the heart-tastic Valentine's Day swag for your wedding after the lurve has been expressed. But, right now, let's check out some adorable red hot Valentine's Day-worthy jewelry that you can snatch up from the sponsor that we ALWAYS have a heart-on for (snarf), Gemvara!

Ok yeah: the assumption is that the manly dude is going to buy these for his bling-loving ladyfriend. But this is Offbeat Bride, so let's talk about who ELSE might love these things… Ladies, does your girlfriend love the sparkly shit? What about showing a little love for your femmey bottom boyfriend or your big ol manly man that just so happens to love the bling? EVERYONE CAN LOVE BLING. Do we have some stuff for you y'all to check out…

If you are thinking of popping the question on Valentine's Day there is NO better ring to choose than this one. Lookit the tiny tiny side stone accent — so cute! And there's also a matching band!

If you're not popping the question, but just wanna snag something sweet and sparkly, Gemvara also has TONS of options for you in the fun accessories department. My favorite are the initial pendants and the key necklaces, but definitely check out their entire necklace collection for some inspired gift ideas.

Has your significant other warmed your cold black heart? For $139 your partner can wear a symbol of your dark-but-loving heart around their neck. (Am I the only one who's now thinking of the collaring ceremony?)

No matter WHAT kind of relationship you have with the ones you love, Gemvara has all kinds of wonderful gift ideas to peruse. So head over there and spread the love!

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