7 super-sweet Valentine’s Day gifts to give your super-sweetie

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valentines day gift roundup

Last year for our Valentine's Day gift roundup we featured jewelry and sparkly things. This year we're featuring gifts and goodies that you can get for you, your partner, and wedding, and even your home!

These gifts range from sexy to sweet and I promise a couple of them will make you go “awwwwwwwww!”

Give the gift of cats

Thoughtful Pals Mug SetHow cute is the Thoughtful Pals Mug Set? Can't you just imagine you and your partner sipping tea across from each other with your matching cute kitty mugs?

Give the gift of words

wedding vows printOkay, okay, here's a really sweet gift idea: Shine Wedding Invitations offers custom 8×10″ wedding vows prints! Order one today, frame that baby up, and it'll make one romantic-ass Valentine's Day surprise.

Give the gift of spooning

embrace the mess spoon restThis is the gawd-damned-cutest spoon and spoon rest that I've ever gawd-damned seen.

Give the gift of wedding progress

What about giving yourselves the gift of stress-free wedding invitations by signing up with Glo? This Valentine's Day, make a plan to curl on on the couch with your sweetie, find your wedding invitations, and create a wedsite together!

Give the gift of sexy

black bodysuitOoh ooh, what if you were snuggling on the couch, wedding planning together, but one (or both) of you were wearing something sexy like this?

Give the gift of hearts

Revered Residence Wall MirrorHow sweet is this Reverend Residence Wall Mirror? Put it up in your home to remind each other that you are loved every time you see your pretty, heart-shaped reflections.

Give the gift of Valentine Message Arrows

Valentine Message Arrow
Valentine Message Arrows are handmade from tumbled, hand-cut glass, copper, and nickel silver. You can choose from one of these hand-stamped sayings, or create a custom message for your partner. (These could also do double-duty as adorable wedding decor too!)

invitations: Shine Wedding Invitations
invitations: Glo

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