You don't hear that much about offbeat Utah weddings, but you better believe they happen! Case in point, Sydney & Jordan's classy-but-brassy wedding in American Fork, Utah, as captured by Jonathan Canlas Photography.

To see a couple more photos, keep reading … or head on over to Jonathan Canlas Photography and click the roman number XVIII to see all the shots from the wedding, including the bride's happy family members, a pug, and lots of uber stylishness.


Love the groomsman with a mohawk and the bridesmaid with her ink and bright green dress!


To see all the photos click here and then click the roman number XVIII. And thanks to Rochelle for sending these to me!

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Comments on Offbeat Utah wedding

  1. OMG So much coolness all in one place has to be seen to be belived! I love the Brides dress and they all so happy and smily… The picture of the bride with her grand/parents is my favorite.

  2. i think i am enamored with them! bride and groom are so cute! and the aesthetic of the wedding is so fresh and fun, yet classy

  3. Gorgeous wedding! Love that you thought outside the box of a traditional wedding!

  4. SO PRETTY. I would love to hear from the bride on her thoughts on walking in her pretty shoes through grass. Any worries about mud? Grass stains? Sink holes?

  5. Awesome. Totally the feel I’d like to have. And what are those green flowers? are those roses?

  6. OMG Where did the bridesmaid get that green dress? I am looking for something EXACTLY like that!!!

  7. What a neat wedding. I love her wedding dress. The wedding is very retro like. I think I have new inspiration for an inspiration board on my wedding blog! Yay! I love when things inspire me.

  8. amazing! Dearest Bride, I must know more about your dress, such as, where did you get it??

  9. Tell us about your wedding dress! Where did it come from, and who made it? It’s beautiful.

  10. the groomsman with the mowhawk is branden steineckert he was the drummer for the Utah based band The Used and now currently drumming for Cali punk band Rancid

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