Christina and Alex were married in Utah with an orchid-theme. There were lots of orchids in the bouquets, boutonnieres, centerpieces, and the cake. The groom even wore a custom-made tux with appliqued orchids all over it. Christina wore a '50s-style cocktail dress and yellow heels that totally offset her amazing ink. Plus, her grandma was her maid of honor! D'aww. Alex also had one request: that coleslaw be served in champagne glasses as an appetizer. Christina's father plays in a blues band, so music was covered (except for the first dance to Elvis' “Heartbreak Hotel.”) Corrinne from Still Timeless captured all of the moments and shared it with us.

Check out the rest of the photos from this flower-y Utah wedding over at Still Timeless' blog post.

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Comments on An orchid tux, peeks of yellow, and lots of ink

  1. Yellow is it! And thank you for featuring this one because you just gave me the perfect idea to alter my own dress. So sweet!

  2. Oh my…


    That looks so good I can’t believe it isn’t industry standard! (ha ha ha – not that we should be concerned about ‘standard’, or that there even is a true standard, but just sayin’ that is a thing that would work every time)

  3. Hey Catherine! Great article! Any chance I can get a hi-res of Little Asher Man and his galpal FEELING the music? They are my friends kids nd I want to make them something with this photo! If you could send me that along with photo credit for whomever took the picture I’d be much obliged!


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