Charitable weddings: Using your wedding for good

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Our extra wedding favorsOver on Offbeat Home, two sisters, Amy and Mistie, wrote an awesome guest post on how you can use your powers — and parties — for good.

This is an idea that's near and dear to my heart as Aaron and I used our shark-themed wedding as a platform to raise awareness about shark finning. We included shark finning information packets in people's welcome bags, and ALL the money we spent on our wedding favors (shark fin soaps!) went to aid in the Sea Shepard Preservation Society‘s fight against shark finning.

I also immediately thought of other offbeat weddings that have added a charitable element to their parties:

Monica&Eric333In lieu of clinking glasses to get Monica and Eric to kiss, at this wedding, you donated money to City of Hope. Monica explained their great success…

We raised $271. We didn't expect the mad stampede of guests waving dollar bills when we made the announcement. Boy did we have numb lips when it was over! 😉 We have such awesome people in our lives!

white knotsAs mentioned in 10 ways to show your support of marriage equality at your wedding, Tribe member Channamasala set out a White Knot table to raise awareness to the cause of marriage equality.

lottedavidwed-169Lotte & David used their wedding for good:

Like all good fêtes, ours had a cause. David and I decided to use the wedding to raise funds for The SAFE Foundation, a charity run by friends of ours. The proceeds from our fête games, our grand raffle, and the gifts from generous friends helped us raise over £1600 to support people living in poverty around the world.

This is pretty clever… After their wedding, Sarah and Chris turned their potluck wedding menu into a recipe book benefiting a charity close to their hearts. Sarah explained,

I decided to sell the booklet in aid of SANDS [The Stillbirth and Neonatal Death Charity]. Soon local paper and radio picked up the Handfasting Recipe Book story, and we have raised over £200. Recipe books have gone all over Europe, Japan, the USA, and Canada.

So, as you can see: we've featured charitable weddings before, but head over to Offbeat Home for even more awesome inspiration.

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  1. This is such a great post filled with wonderful ideas! Thank you for sharing- I very much enjoyed reading and getting ideas.

  2. We are asking guests to donate to their local Humane Society instead of presents. I know some people will insist on getting us something but I’m hoping the majority of our family and friends donate money to charity instead. We love animals so much and anything we can do to give back a little bit will be a better gift then a toaster.

  3. I wouldn’t say that I 100 percent agree with Juniper but ze has a point. I think that all of these ideas come from a place of love and kindness. However I don’t think that your wedding has to be about donating to charity. For my partner and I, we want our money to go towards the local community and small vendors rather than large corporations whose policies we don’t support. we are having the wedding at the local national park so that way our reception area fees go to help protect this important land to the community. I tried to buy things from small vendors on etsy to support small businesses. We are hiring friends and acquantences when possible to again support our communitiy. However if someone wants to use their wedding for a platform or as a way to give cash to charity- that is their perogrative and again I think it comes from a place of love. I just agree with Juniper that it is okay to have a party just about you and your love. To me thoughtful consumption is a way to give back.

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