Join the Rocker in Love wedding photography tour of the US!

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Our sponsors Grasi and Dani are Brazilian wedding photographers who have launched a travel wedding photography/art project called Rocker in Love. Starting January 2015, they are going to travel around the US for one full year, photographing American weddings… maybe your wedding? At the end of their tour, Grasi and Dani will publish those photos in a book about American weddings.

Here's how you can be a part of the tour, get immortalized in a book, and snag amazing wedding photos at the same time…

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What inspired this tour?

It's Grasi and Dani!
It's Grasi and Dani!

We are wedding photographers from Brazil. No one believes us, but it is a VERY traditional country. We've been following Offbeat Bride since 2008, and dreaming about the cool offbeat couples we see here. Working in a country with very traditional wedding rules we wanted to see more… Inspired by Offbeat Bride, we decided to leave and come over to the US and see the non-traditional weddings for ourselves.

Although we love to photograph tattooed brides, we aren't just looking for couples with purple hair and a black wedding dress, but couples that decided to make their own wedding choices, like eloping in the woods!

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What's included in Rocker in Love's US tour package?

For $1800 you get:

  • Two wedding photographers
  • Full wedding coverage
  • All edited images on a flash drive, with rights to print and share
  • A “Love Session” one day before or after your wedding
  • Two artistic “gifology” animated gifs

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Who should get involved?

Rocker in Love isn't just looking for over-the-top weddings — they're looking for all kinds of weddings, as long as you guys are making it your own. Oh, and you should be cool with having your glowing faces becoming part of a wedding photography book.

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Where in the world?

Check the map at the top of this post. Rocker in Love is starting their tour in Florida in January 2015, and looping through the US to end in Alabama at the end of the year. If your wedding is happening anywhere along their route next year, you could get amazing photos from this team of Brazilian photographers that may get published in their book! Click here to see if your dates line up!

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Comments on Join the Rocker in Love wedding photography tour of the US!

    • So excited with the emails we got from Offbeat Bride for the Wedding Tour!!!
      Just wanted to say that some brides sent emails even when we didn’t match dates + routes and we have been able to adapt!!!

  1. This is the most amazing thing ever. Words can’t even say how much I would love this. We were planning for October of ’15, but now I’m pretty sure we’re going to have to move it up to May or June depending on if we do Boston or Philly, which are both on the table right now, just to see if we could be a part of this.

  2. So, I get to be one of the lucky few who get to have Dani and Grasi come and do our wedding. I couldnt be more excited to be a part of such a cool and amazing project!!!

  3. This is the greatest idea ever! I’m super sad that they’ll be in Michigan 5 months before my wedding, but I can’t wait to see their finished product!

  4. Maravilhoso Trabalho Que vocês estão realizando.

    Parabéns pelas conquistas.

    Muito Sucesso!!

    Beijoss Sandra

    Sandra Mara Hartog

  5. WOW… that´s just great… I think this expedition will be the adventure of your lives.
    I almost can´t wait myself to see all the chapters of it .

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