Nikki & Duncan's Urban Primitive Backyard Wedding

Updated Oct 12 2015

The Offbeat Bride: Nikki, OBT member "nikki fizer"

Her Offbeat Partner: Duncan, Musican

Location & date of wedding: mother jungle of a patio in Harrisburg, PA — 7-7-2009

What made our wedding offbeat: Our wedding was very small (13 people). The groom wore a steampunk getup with a krazy Aztec/Myan dreadlock hairstyle with dot tattoos for eyebrows, and I wore a retro polkadot dress with seamed stockings and wingtip heels. We both have dreads (mine are pink). I walked down the aisle to "Beautiful Freak" by The Eels. We used the zombie wedding vows featured on Offbeat Bride.

My MOH was a gay guy named Joe, and he was the best ever! My hair was my biggest worry of the day, but he styled my dreads beautifully, ironed my dress and made my day perfect. He was also our photographer and the pix are awsome! Some of my family came from Florida and hadn't seen me in over seventeen years. Needless to say they were shocked by both of us. My groom started crying before I even came out. everything was diy made by me for the wedding & reception with a budget of under $1,000.

But most of all we wed on my grandmothers birthday who passed away two years ago. She raised me and was like my mother. Duncan promised her on her deathbed that he would marry me on her birthday. It was the most perfect best day ever!

more tears

Our biggest challenge: The biggest challenge was no doubt… the STRESS of everything. Making everything diy by hand by myself was a huge challenge.

My favorite moment: "You may kiss your bride." He grabbed my head and planted one on me with tears streaming. But he didn't let go! He kissed me for well over a minute while the preacher, friends and family sat shocked in silence. LOL.

My advice to other brides: Do whatever it takes to make your wedding your own. Whether it's hand-making everything cause you can't find what you want to fit that picture in your head, or getting something custom made for you. Do what's in your heart regardless, don't care what your family will think of you, it's YOUR day.

But most of all, don't stress out over anything. The stress will mess you all up, and when the day comes it's all over in less than fifteen minutes! And you don't need to spend a lot of money to have the perfect day. I have been to traditional weddings that cost a fortune and they are not memorable. Make yours something that represents you and make it unique — something no one will ever forget! Utilize friends and family for venues and skills.

Enough talk — show me the wedding porn!:

  1. so sweet about your hubby's promise to your grandmother! beautiful pictures and your hair is awesome – your moh has crazy talent!

  2. I just teared up about your tribute to your grandmother and about the out of this world kiss. It sounds like you have the "love and cherish" part about marriage down already. We should all have such personal, heartfelt ceremonies and moments.

  3. loving the dreads!!

    what a beautiful and sincere wedding. and the black & white (with sepia-ish tint) photography is gorgeous! <3

  4. Wow, I totally teared up. And you walked down the aisle to Beautiful Freak – one of my fave Eels songs. Beautiful beautiful sincere wedding… best wished to both of you and your marriage.

  5. About time the two of you got hitched!!!!! LOL. Everything looks beautiful and so representative of the both of you. I can't tell you how happy I am for the both of you and that i wish you both the best. So much has happened that we must catch up. Again CONGRATS!!!!!!!!!

  6. In the photos, it's so clear just how adoring they are of each other. What more can you ask for – just celebrating being totally in love.

  7. beautiful. I love that you made everything, that it was all done so cheaply (def appeals to me! 😉 ) and the tears. Gorgeous. The pic with the cake is my fave though! 😀

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