If you loved the movie "Up," you'll love this guest book

Updated Mar 15 2021
Guest post by Aalg

Check out Tribe member Aalg's wedding guestbook, modeled after the "Our Adventure Book" from the movie (read: cry fest) Up. Don't you love it when Disney amazingness comes to life?

I am a Disney girl. Before my future husband and I started dating and were just friends, he "stalked" me when I worked at the Disney store. His first gift to me was a Tinkerbell necklace. Our first vacation was to Walt Disney World, and our pre-wedding honeymoon was also to Disney World. And, we love Up. We love the whole movie (he prefers any scene with Dug in it) but I love the beginning. Even though I cry every time I see it, I love Carl and Ellie's story. Its so me and my future husband. He's so quiet and I am the outgoing one who takes the lead.

Ellie's book.

So, I decided that I want to make our own "Our Adventure Book" for our guestbook.

My plan is to keep some pages set aside to add into the book when we have our babies, and people can sign it then, too. We'll also put pages in when we get our first house. And we'll throw in pages of our adventures through the years, too. We'll add pictures amongst the signatures.

I used chipboard as the covers. I bought brown cotton quilting material and just hand wrote "Our Adventure Book" with a tracing pencil. Then I embroidered each one without much care, so that it looks like a kid wrote it. I used a paint pen to do the circle around the lettering, and the world is just an iron-on patch.

I used spray adhesive to get the fabric to stick onto the chipboard. On the inside I used purple scrap booking pages to line it, as seen here:

I did that because a quick glimpse of the one in the movie had a purple lining too:

Finally, I used red bias tape for the spine and wove it together with leather cord. And voila! A Pixar-Disney-tastic guest book.

I'm so excited and happy. It came out so great, I can't wait for people to see it at our wedding.

  1. I think this is sooo awesome! UP is me and my SO's favorite movie and your description of your reactions (crying and love for Dug) totally fit us. I've wanted to do this and now that I see your product, I am GOING to do this! Thanks so much for sharing. I love, love, love it! 🙂

  2. Crying as I read it, that is a great idea 🙂
    I Just kept crying at the movie whenever they brought our their adventure book… haha

  3. Aww, Dug is awesome and yes, me and my fiancé cry every time we watch the movie too. Yay for Up! This is such a great idea! Now I want an adventure book too.

  4. LOVE IT!

    This might also serve as an album of all of your 'adventures' as a couple to put on the reception desk or somthing like that

  5. Adore 'Up'!! We played the suite playing under Carl & Ellie's story before our ceremony when folks were milling around. And as we planned our ceremony, our officiant asked for couples we admire; among our parents and friends, we listed Carl and Ellie. I told her to watch the movie and then she'd know. As a wedding gift she gave us a glass jug with a sign that had 'Paradise Falls' crossed out and 'Karen & Ben's dream' written beneath it. Seriously, it's the most adorable movie ever.

  6. Oh I love Up so much!! I always cry every time too. My fiance agreed that we're having a mailbox like Carl and Ellie when we get our own house. We might just have to have an adventure book too if I can get it to look as cute as yours!

  7. Aaaaand now I'm tearing up, thinking about what Ellie wrote to Carl in the back of the book. That whole intro scene is so sweet, and yet so sad. I can't describe how emotional it makes me. *blows nose like a fog horn*

  8. What a beautiful idea to start a new chapter of your lives together! I love it and had thought about doing this for our little family too. I love your idea and your Adventure Book is fantastic!

  9. I adore your UP inspired guest book–I wish I had thought to do something like that! Brilliant! Did you have any other Disney themed things at your wedding??

  10. this is such an adorable idea, and such a unique way to do a classic guest book. i popped over to etsy to see if anyone had thought yet to make some for the lovely offbeat brides out there, and sure enough, there were a few cute ones posted!

  11. SQUIRREL!!!!

    ((hehe Dug is pretty much amazing!))

    This is an adorable guest book idea. Congrats on Disney Awesome!

  12. I just made one of these for my wedding guest book! I bought a large pre-made scrapbook filled with all kinds of funky paper inside and glued faux-leather material and fabric letters to the front and back covers. I then printed pictures of cool thing my partner I have done throughout the years and pasted them throughout the book. Can't wait to see the stuff people write in it!

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