13 men’s wedding bands with unexpected accents (for men, women, or anyone else!)

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unique mens wedding bands

By far the most popular ring from my last roundup of men's wedding bands was the one with carbon fiber inlay. Which makes me go hmmm, are offbeat grooms (and/or ANYONE who fancies wedding bands with a masculine aesthetic) hankering for more rings with unexpected inlays and accents?

Amazon recently put together a curated list of wedding rings. So I did y'all a favor and grabbed the most interesting men's wedding rings with unexpected accents, including this one with a rainbow streak, our first ever rings accented with leather and rubber, AND the perfect wedding ring for your Trekkie partner!

Now grab your partner and let's go shopping!

[Click on each photo to learn more about each ring]

men's wedding bandsGot a partner in construction? This is a ring with black cable and yellow screws.

Is your partner a Tron fan? I found their wedding band! Or here it is again with a double inlay and more color choices.

Ooh, this is the first ring we've ever featured with a leather inlay! Awesome.

This one might be a good choice for partners who don't want to wear a thick ring, but still want something with a little personality, what with the grey and yellow tones.

Somehow the deep engravings on on either side of the row of diamonds make the sparkly of this ring look less girly, and more dude-friendly.

Marrying the biggest Trekkie EVAR? I found the perfect ring! Or what about the more subtle version? Of course there's the one for the ladies that's been going viral.

This ring has a fabulous wibbly wobbly turquoise inlay! Doesn't it kind of look like a river?

I love love love the black swooshes with the line of diamonds on this ring. SUCH great character.

I thought this one looked like an audio wave. But my husband saw a shark bite! No matter what you see, it's a pretty awesome ring for $15.

This black ring with yellow rivets looks bad ass! I'm liking this for a goth-y wedding ring vibe.

Yes, this is a wedding band with diamonds and RUBBER! Ooh and here's another one.

This ring is blingy indeed, but to even out the sparkly, they threw in some awesome shanks!

How great are these adventurous men's wedding bands? Let's hear it for offbeat grooms with hot wedding ring STYLE!

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Comments on 13 men’s wedding bands with unexpected accents (for men, women, or anyone else!)

  1. Ironic, I was just looking at rings on Amazon. I couldn’t find whether they had a conflict-free policy; does anyone know for sure? Great finds, by the way!

    • We also got our rings on Etsy! The shop we bought ours from is:
      They’re on vacation right now, but they sell wood-inlaid rings (ours are inlaid with ancient kauri wood), rings inlaid with dinosaur bone, rings with carbon fiber weave inlay, rings with “shop junk” inlay, and even ones inlaid with tiny hardware like gears and screws.

    • I was coming here to say this! My fiancee’s meteorite and dinosaur bone inlayed ring is supposed to be in in October. I’m so excited to see the final product!

  2. UM! love love love the leather one, see okay I have come to terms with the fact that I am not married right now but cant I at least know his size so I can order a ring now?

  3. I bought my fiance a puzzle ring! Its awesome it has 7 seperate bands that interlock and you have to know the trick to put them together! Its aswesome. We are going to put my diamond on a puzzle ring too! I love them

    • So happy to stumble on this comment! We love making each piece and this one for Kelsey …It was extra special and her Fiance was wonderful to work with…:)

  4. I am trying to find The One Ring from Lord of the Rings in white gold (10-14 carat) for my fiance. Any ideas for where I can find one?

      • I don’t see a white gold, but that is a beautiful replica! We may go with this one and stay true to the source material. We were thinking maybe white gold for him since my engagment and wedding rings are, but nothing says we have to match.

  5. Woooow, the tron ring looks amazing! I wonder how it would look in real life. My husband has a tungsten inlay ring very similar to the 5th ring, only wider haha! The trekky ring looks pretty neat, too bad neither of us really watch that series. Thanks for the interesting rings!

  6. My fiance love the vikings any ring ideas on what I could get him that would incorperate them in it?

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