A rainbow of frozen feels: Keep your wedding memories from fading with this unity ceremony

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Is this what frozen memories look like?

Our sponsor Unity in Glass can keep your unity ceremony frozen in time forever. But can they freeze your memories in time too? Apparently they can…

One thing we’re picking up from our clients, is that after the glass work is home, seeing the piece takes the couple “back to the day.” Seems like it’s a visual trigger that really allows them to think about the wedding, and really remember the small nuances.

How is that magic possible, you ask? Probably like this…

You'll carefully select your glass crystal colors before your ceremony. (You can choose up to eight colors to use.) Then you'll combine the glass crystals during your ceremony, much like you would with a sand ceremony. And all that love and all that meaning and all that energy from the day will get heated up and melted together and then cooled until it's a solid glass rainbow of feels.

The Aria wedding vase

So every time you break out that Unity in Glass wedding vase you'll get flashes of memories of say… the look in your partners eyes during your ceremony. Or the way your flower girl did that silly dance down the aisle. Or that electric first kiss as a married couple.

The Lee Ware Unity Sculpture and the Scalloped Infinity Bowl

Or every time you see that gorgeous Unity in Glass bowl in your kitchen, or grab a candy from it, maybe you'll also grab a memory of the sweet reading your sister surprised you with, or the way the sun was filtering through the trees as you said your vows.

Who knows what memories your unity ceremony art will bring up for you. But I love the idea that these sculptures aren't just pretty, they're actively preserving and then triggering all those warm fuzzy feelings from your wedding day.

Wanna find out what kind of things Unity in Glass can help you remember for the rest of your life? Start choosing your unity ceremony beads today!

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  1. This is an amazing idea … I have heard of this company before as I have been scouring the inter-webs trying to find something VERY unique for my wedding 10/2017. I love this idea & want to do this soo bad, but these are costly. Did they share any special coupon your subscribers can use when they order?

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