Milestone put out the call for Offbeat Brides, and here are the awesome results!

Guest post by Angela from Milestone Images
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Over a year ago, I reached out to Offbeat Bride readers in the hope that I would find specific kinds of offbeat couples whose vision for their wedding photography matched my own. I'm telling you… I asked, and you all answered, big time! The response was amazing.

Here are some of my favorite photographs that resulted from my collaborations with Offbeat Bride readers, AND I'm up for doing it again (with discounts to sweeten the deal!). So keep reading, especially if you're sports fans, band geeks, Burners, Canadian, kinksters, or even Offbeat Lite…

First, I wanted to find a Canadian couple getting married in August in the breathtakingly beautiful mountains of Quebec near my family's cabin on Lac Eqerre (just minutes from the resort at Mont Tremblant). Claire emailed me about an hour after my post went up. Here's the sneak peek from their event. There was much offbeat goodness at their DIY backyard wedding, from a beer tent to a brooch bouquet and a birdcage veil.

I'm offering this same deal again, for anyone getting married within an hour of Mont Tremblant between August 1-14, 2013. You'll save 20%, and I'm waiving the travel fee. This offer is good for engagement sessions as well, so if you fell in love on the slopes, come see me on the lake this summer!

The Mets mascot dancing with the brides Elizabeth and Carol.

When my Offbeat Bride post went up last year, gay marriage had just been made legal in New York — so I offered my deal to Elizabeth and Carol, a same-sex couple getting married nearby. The fact that Mr. Met made an appearance at Elizabeth and Carol's reception was just a kickass bonus!

So, let's kick this theme up a notch! Couples who get married in a MLB or NFL Stadium save 20%. Not going that big? I was a band geek for seven years in high school and college…. I'd love to shoot any love-infused event with a high school band, glee club, or mascot appearance. I once shot a high school football coach getting married on the 50-yard-line with his team captains and mascot in attendance (which is partly while Carol and Elizabeth picked me, I think.) Sports fans, band geeks and gleeks: inspire me.

I also wanted to find a Ren Faire couple…. and Faye and Mike booked right away! In fact, they booked so far in advance that their wedding hasn't happened yet, but we had an amazing engagement session at the New York Faire this summer. Check out their sneak peek on the blog for some seriously badass hula-hooping-in-garb action. The only thing was, some health concerns and Faire regulations prevented us from doing some fire-breathing and fire-spinning at our session. (Fingers crossed that the wedding venue will allow it!) So, I'm still on the hunt for a couple like this one. In fact, the first Burning Man/Burner Without Borders couple to book saves 20%.

One of the other couples who booked last time was Christine and Derek. Christine and Derek embody the spirit of the Offbeat Bride community better than perhaps any other couple I've ever shot. Blue hair? Check. Rainbow colors? Check. DIY/Gamer/Harry Potter geekery/zombies? Check, check, check, and check.

But what made their wedding truly special for me was their boyfriend, Treyson. I wrote all about how and why Christine, Derek and Treyson's polyamorous triad moved me so deeply here, but what this really means is that I get to show you the first “first look” moment I've ever shot where first the groom sees the bride…

…and then they both see their partner.

In short, I am unshockable. Poly couples, kinksters, Burlesque dancers, LaVeyan Satanists, and vampire subculturists doing bloodlettings have come my way because of Offbeat Bride. Worried that you'd be judged by a vendor because of your lifestyle? Get in touch, let your unique flag fly, and save 20%.

However, I still have love for my Offbeat Lite homegirls, having been one myself. (Gasp! I had a flower dog and a conflict-free opal instead of a diamond!) Sometimes I go home from my clients' weddings and think, “I'm so vanilla!” Okay, so I'm vanilla with rainbow sprinkles. If you are too, that's cool…

Angelika and Phil had a Catholic mass, Polish and Italian traditions, and a white wedding cake, although they did have rainbow uplighting at their golf club reception. She also carried him on to the dance floor for their first dance. Offbeat-lite Brides are bad-ass, too.

In summary, the first couples to book in each category save 20%:

  1. Canadian Discount: Couples getting married (or wanting an engagement session) within a 1-hour drive of Mont Tremblant between August 1-14, 2013.
  2. Sports Fan Discount: Couples getting married in a major league sports stadium or rocking out with a mascot, marching band, glee club, or similar.
  3. Burner Discount: Couples incorporating fireplay or Burning Man-style fire installations.
  4. Unshockable Discount: Anyone fearing judgment for living a lifestyle others might find “shocking.”
  5. Vanilla with Rainbow Sprinkles Discount: The first Offbeat Lite couple to book with a contract and deposit.

All other offbeat couples save 10%, always.

We can't wait to see the awesomeness that results from these new special requests. But first, you have to head over to to Angie's site and try to shock her!

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Comments on Milestone put out the call for Offbeat Brides, and here are the awesome results!

  1. Hi! I’m the bride in the first couple of pictures, and I just have to say that Angie is amazing! She was friendly, professional, patient with our sometimes-slow email responses, great with our families AND she takes amazing photos!

    My dad’s comment was that the pictures were “so beautiful and creative, it brought a tear to [his] eye.” Wedding guests were amazed at Angie’s abilty to manage the various group pictures with total grace. Anxiety-prone children held their breath while Angie stood on an unfinished 2nd story metal balcony with thunder rolling in to take a group shot from above. And! she somehow mailed us the USB key with photo files on it when she and her husband were without power following Hurricane Sandy! Above and beyond, I tell you…

    If you’re looking for a talented superwoman sweetheart of a photographer, look no further.

  2. I’ll second what Claire said – I’m the Renfaire loving, fire spinning couple pictured here.

    I sent Angie probably one of the strangest emails as a first exchange and she didn’t bat an eyelash. My fiancee’s words were – “Wow, she’s someone I can picture a friend if we had met in some other way. Can we invite her?”

    Looking forward to my wedding photos with Angie 🙂

  3. Angie is awesome! She was the photographer at my sister’s wedding (as well as her best friend’s wedding and also HER sister’s wedding) and now she is going to be the photographer at my wedding next fall! She is very relaxed but absolutely professional. She will go the extra mile to make sure that you and your guests feel comfortable in front of the camera. She takes gorgeous photos and she puts together amazing albums. If you book her I can promise you will not regret it!

  4. Ha! Vanilla with rainbow sprinkles. My favourite description for offbeat lite EVAR!!

  5. Thanks, alumni brides, for weighing in! You guys are the best! 🙂 @redfeather- I’m glad you like that.

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