Cake knives and serving sets that are anything but dull

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Let's face it: the cake cutting thing can be an awkward experience. Make it a little easier and funkier with this two-in-one cake cutter and server that kinda looks like cheese! Honestly, this thing is brilliant. (And it comes in different colors! I like orange, green and yellow.)

Here are some more options for cake knives and serving sets that could have the power to turn an awkward cake cutting situation into a rockin' good time…

Nambe has a fantastic twist (get it?) on the classic cake serving set. These stainless steel babies are freaking sexy.

Here's another contemporary cake cutting set that's also made of stainless steel.

I love this cake knife from Uncommon Goods that looks like a butcher knife. It's apparently engineered to dice through gooey layers of cake without sticking or leaving residue on the blade.

These funky patterned cake knives made of high-grade, shatter-resistant melamine are freaking phenomenal. Perfect for super colorful weddings!

This beachy cake cutting set features shimmering starfish, embellished with diamond dust and Swarovski crystals. I know, right? Pretty schnazzy.

Cake saw FTW! After you're finished showing your cake who's boss, you can take it home and slice and dice your lettuce without discoloring it.

With its frosted glass handles covered in crawling metal vines and angled silver end tips, this is one bad ass, heavy-duty, cake cutting set.

Having a french-themed wedding or a wedding in Paris? Cut your cake with this badass Eiffel Tower dagger!

I have a new obsession with cake breakers ever since I found one at an antique store. It's kind of an amazing way to cut your cake. I really like the handle on this one.

Any Halloween brides out there? This bloody evidence chef knife from Think Geek is definitely something you need to use to cut your cake.

The Stelton Cake Knife is a stylish and super modern cake knife in the shape of spade.

Those of you that also read Offbeat Home probably know by now of my affinity for utensils that resemble animals, so it wouldn't be a surprise that I am crazy about this crocodile cake knife.

And then Tribe goddess Ang alerted me to this stainless steel cake, pie or pizza server that's shaped like a dachshund. And get this: the tail is a hook for hanging!

Pinky pinky bling bling over here ads a little pizazz to your cake cutting moment in the spotlight.

For the nature-lovers, there's this awesome serving set with handles that look like twigs.

For even more nature-y options, there's this birch wood cake knife and server combo. It's super cheap and convenient!

Get your geek on with this authentic replica of the Elven Knife of Aragorn from Lord of the Rings. I have to thank reader Dani who used this to cut their cake and for pointing this beauty out to me.

Dude! A musical cake knife — the ultimate distraction! It has three different, pre-programmed songs, including the wedding march, BUT you can also record your very own song to play back when it's time to cut the cake.

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Comments on Cake knives and serving sets that are anything but dull

  1. Must…have…cake saw!

    I thought I’d seen the best thing ever until I saw the crocodile one as well. Now I’m having a dilema.

    • BOTH! πŸ˜‰ But no matter which one you choose, I can’t wait to see the pictures! πŸ™‚

  2. I LOVE that crocodile cutter. I always thought the cake-cutting ritual was kind of silly, but with a crocodile in hand… πŸ˜‰

  3. i wanted to have *just* cupcakes, but my mom really, reeeeally wants to make us a small cutting cake. i TOTALLY bought the bloody evidence chef’s knife, like, a week ago… that’s my compromise. you can make us a cake to cut, but i’m cutting it with a bloody knife! haha. πŸ˜‰

  4. The cake breaker is fantastic! I have a thing for odd esoteric utensils like anchovy forks an blueberry spoons. And now… cake breakers!
    Also, the bloody evidence knife just might help me enforce my “no smashing cake in the face” rule!

  5. I just showed my woodworker fiance the cake saw, and he’s totally in love. Guess we finally have a cake knife! πŸ˜€

  6. I found Uncommon Goods the other day on Stumbleupon and fell in love! That cake cutter is reason #282 that it’s one of my new faves. The two-in-one gadget in the first photo is also pretty nifty.

  7. My husband and I cut our cake with the biggest vintage meat cleaver we could find on Ebay.

    Nineteen inches long, and solid cast steel! It was awesome. Plus, now we have a big-ass knife that will probably last, like, forever!

  8. OH MY GOODNESS. That musical cake cutter + the Final Fantasy Victory Fanfare = FRICKIN’ AWESOME GEEK WEDDING.

  9. I NEEEEEDDD that cake saw soo bad!! My husband and I are both carpenters and that is the absolute coolest thing Ive ever seen!

  10. I wish those colorful knives had a hole in the handle. I would love to get the polka dot one just to hang up in my kitchen (since it matches the color scheme so nicely). It seems a crying shame to put something like that in a drawer.

  11. I just ordered the Bloody Evidence Knife for our Halloween Wedding!!! We were thinking of getting a nice meat cleaver but this was perfect! Especially since our cake will have rasberry filling and look like its bleeding! haha! Best part was it only cost $14.99 + shipping (which was like $5). And I had it in 2 days! So exciting! Thanks again OBB!

    • AWESOME! Can’t wait to see the photos… and the look on your guests’ faces. πŸ™‚

  12. Anybody use a cake breaker before? I totally love it but I’m worried it won’t cut my red velvet or carrot cakes! Advice???? Opinions?????

    • A cake breaker is actually really useful for angel food cake since it lets you cut it without smooshing the (usually) very light and delicate angel food cake. πŸ™‚ Now you know and as GI Joe says – that’s half the battle!

  13. I love these cake sets I just wish you had a set that had a bride and groom skeletons on it to match our glasses and our cake topper.

  14. i want to buy the musical knife how much it cost in india if i get delivered & how long will u take.

  15. These are all great and unique knives! I want the Eiffel Tower Dagger and the Cake Saw just for me. Great excuse to make (i.e. eat) more cake.

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