Photo by Ohio's Cory Ann Photography

I'm not even sure what to call this style of bouquet, as I've simply never seen anything like it. It's sort of an extreme cascade, or maybe a double crescent? Any florists in the house want to help me describe the style? Regardless of what it's called, it's damn dramatic and unlike any I've seen elsewhere…

unique wedding bouquet

The photographer, Cory Ann Photography, explained that Kate the bride “wanted wildflowers in a style like she gathered them from the field.” To check out more shots from Kate and Ravi's wedding, head over to Cory Ann's blog.

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  1. Wow, that is an 'interesting' bouquet. It is very dramatic like you said, I think it would require a special kind of bride to carry it off.

  2. This actually looks like a really awesome wedding with some nice offbeat details. I love love love the arch and flowers – really pretty backdrop for a wedding in a field! The guests throwing lavender instead of confetti is a really nice idea, too – it must have smelled gorgeous on a hot day.

  3. I wish there were pictures of her coming down the aisle — I'd like to know how you are supposed to hold it. I wonder what the inspiration was for a doubles-sided bouquet like that. Very pretty arrangement.

  4. I dunno, when I first saw it I thought it looked like one of those floral wreaths they put around the neck of winning racehorses… and now I can't get that image out of my head. 🙂

  5. It’s a very almost vintage style, the cascading bouquets were really popular in the 1920’s. I’ve never seen one like this but it is really neat!

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