This ain't your average princess ring: 10 unique engagement ring designs you never expected

Updated Mar 16 2016
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These custom engagement rings are going to make your ring finger itch from excitement.
These custom engagement rings are going to make your ring finger itch from excitement.
Joseph Jewelry is also featured in our Offbeat Vendors guide!
If you're looking for unique engagement ring styles, and stumbling across the same-ol same-ol on Google searches and Pinterest, you better take a few quick breathes and prepare yourself for the tidal wave of engagement ring creativity that our sponsor Joseph Jewelry is about to unleash on you today.

We've rounded up some of their top 10 most unique engagement ring designs from the years of custom-making rings for super-special one-of-a-kind engagement rings.

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The Asymmetrical Marquise

This is a custom marquise cut Morganite set, in ever-growing-popular rose gold. You gotta love a fun diamond shape in an asymmetrical setting!

The New Vintage

Joseph Jewelry has a stunning array of vintage and new-but-vintage-inspired engagement rings. Can you tell which one this ring is? I was surprised to find out that it was a custom vintage-inspired ring design, because it looks like it came straight out of my grandma's jewelry box.

The Micro Modern Madness

This modern-style platinum engagement ring is super-shiny and has lots of bling. That's probably because it features 212 micro diamonds, totaling 1.06 carats!

The "this ain't your average princess" ring

This princess cut diamond features turquoise accents, custom hand engraving from Joseph Jewelry's master hand-engraver, and milgrain on the band.

The Blue Moons of Sapphire

This blue sapphire engagement ring features a giant cushion cut sapphire surrounded by a halo of bright cut diamonds that continue down the shank and is accented by two half-moon sapphires.

The "who says solitaire has to be boring" ring

Screw the diamond, this ring is all about that band! Yellow gold with ornate-as-hell filigree and milgrain for a very fun take on a very simple concept.


Speaking of filigree magic, this hand-made custom filigree can make any style of ring go from good to filiGREAT.

The Twisted Three Stone

This custom emerald cut engagement ring with baguette side diamonds is a unique twist to the standard three stone rings

Halo From The Other Side

Holy crap, this rose gold halo engagement ring is going to haunt my dreams in the best way. It features a pear shaped diamond surrounded by a unique leaf styled halo with diamonds.

The Organic Eyegasm

Why chose only one metal when you can have two!? And then make them look like twisting two-tone gold organic vines with a center diamond surrounded by a custom rose petal halo, of course!

If you're feeling an itchy ring finger, just looking at these designs, trust me, this is just the tip of the diamond-burg that is Joseph Jewelry's custom engagement ring. Go take a deep dive, and, when you come up for air, tell us which one you fell in love with.

  1. Personally, I love how unique and interesting wedding rings are becoming. I really loved the rose gold halo ring, especially for it's asymmetrical design. Not only that, but it it seems like it can use it's length to it's advantage, making it less likely to stick out and catch on anything while still looking regal.

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