16 unicorn wedding hair ideas

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Freaking amazing hair by Tori Briggs, ambassador of The Unicorn Alliance.
Freaking amazing hair by Tori Briggs, ambassador of UnicornAllian3.

You know how sometimes you go down an internet rabbit hole that goes so deep, so deep it puts your ass to sleep? That's what happened to me the other night when I stumbled across The Unicorn Alliance, an artist's collective of hair stylists sharing some freaking over-the-top, around-the-corner, beyond fantastical hair inspo.

UnicornAllian3 has nothing to do with weddings, but I KNOW some of y'all are going to be beyond inspired by some of the unique hairstyles they've got going on. We are talking braids, pink hair, blue hair, rainbow hair, ALL THE HAIR. Click the photo for more information about the stylist.

Thay it with me: THPARKELTH!

Mermaid hair updo

Pink and coral spirals

Mint messy braid

Short-haired hotties can be unicorns too!

No fantastical colors, but omg the braid inspo — perfect for a viking wedding?

This one got a nomination for updo of the year, and uh — YES

When you have the most perfect braid crown for your engagement session

Shoulder-length + dangly headpiece on the side = YES

Those two braids at the top tho

These curls FOR DAYS

Because I'm not the only one to get married in space buns… but these are glitter space buns!

When you need colors for fall

 OK, OK, OK. I'll stop now.

If you want to see more, get thee to Unicornallian3.

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  1. I think I don’t understand “Thay it with me: THPARKTH” — is it mocking a lisp?

    • Yep. As a person who grew up sucking my thumb (and had a huge overbite) and who’s currently missing one of my front teeth, that’s exactly what it is… except, oops: my extreme self-deprecation comes with a typo! It’s supposed to be, “Thay it with me: THPARKELTH!”

  2. Holy moly. I have just wasted a solid hour. I am in love with that instagram and want every single glorious color!

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