A unicorn invitation, white and pink body art, and a stepping stool kiss

Updated Oct 25 2016
Photo by Dorlisa Abercrombie

Tribesmaid Tiaabby1986 sported this gorgeously intricate white and pink body art. It was just one of the awesome submissions to the Tribe, the Flickr Pool, and the Offbeat Bride Pinterest account this week. It was a REALLY good week for submissions, so definitely check out the Flickr Pool especially since I couldn't fit all the good photos into this Monday Montage. My readers brought it this week!

Tribesmaid Bemyrecords expresses her joy visually at becoming Mrs. Malcolm. Photo by Carly Bish

The Kiss
The confetti canon, the lights, the glittery shoes, THE STEPPING STOOL!! Chae and her groom's entrance is so good. Photo by Kelly Lynch-Chevalier

First Dance
This Betsey Johnson dress in action! Photo by Stina Rae Photography

This may be the best invite… in creation. Bravo Katy and Johnny.

tie the knot and dance
It's a twofer: Tribesmaid Spiralspeaker and her groom's handfasting cords + totally romantic kiss. Photo by Knots & Tots Photography

Scott and Hayley's STD
Check out Tribesmaid Haymaker (Hayley) and her groom Scott's save-the-date featuring their dog, Special Agent Dale Cooper. I can't wait to see that veil in real life!

A blue birdcage, adorable star tats, and that turquoise hair! Annablap knows how to work color.

And heading right to the bottom, Annablap and her groom also know how to work bold shoes too, including more sparkly ones!

It's not a sixpence, but the coin in Charlotte-Ann's shoes did have a dragon and phoenix on it, just like her dress. Photo by Gary Carpenter, edited by Charlotte-Ann Photography

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Hey, photographers! I love you and do my best to attribute all Monday Montage photos, but sometimes brides don't include your info when they submit photos. If I've featured your work but it isn't properly credited, email me!

  1. OMG! I KNOW those feet! And I met them on the Tribe.
    Congrats Anna! You look stunning and your tootsies are hot!

  2. The body art in the top pic is lovely, but it looks like it is some sort of cosmetic gilding paste, not henna. Henna is a plant dye and is always a red/brown color.

    (I mention this because "black henna" is illegal and contains dangerous chemicals that can cause burns, so it's important that people know that henna = always brown).

    • Well the artist who did this is actually a henna artist who works traditionally as well but this is classified as a "luxe glow tattoo". Most everyone called it a "henna" referring to the style of it not what it was made of and also saying "luxe glow body art" is a mouthful at a wedding.

        • Thanks! I found a picture of a bride's arm done on pinterest and after tracing the picture I found the artist Akiyo Ogura and I was lucky she lived in NYC. I didn't really take note of how she did it cause she was behind me most of the time (the tattoo went across my back, down my shoulder and crossed my collarbone) but she did it all by hand, no stencils, and there was a lot of glitter and crystals. Though the adhesive on the crystals reminded me a lot of eyelash glue. It's not permanent. It lasted me about 5 days, it lasted through showers and everything. I think it would have lasted longer but I went on my honeymoon right after the wedding and the ocean was too beautiful and blue not to go in! 🙂

  3. goodness gracious, i think if i'd seen that white and pink body art at the start of planning, i'd have gone down a very different path!

  4. LOVE the body art! The turqiose hair is gorgeous! Betsy Johnson dress is fab! The photos are beautiful and the Iron fist shoes are stunning!

  5. I loved my Betsey Johnson reception dress, thanks for posting our pics! By the way, the Betsey Johnson dress photo was taken by Kelly Lynch-Chevalier, not Stina Rae. Both women are fantastic, however.
    The stepping stool was an absolute necessity, given that I'm 5' and Mr. Bear is 6'4"! 😀

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