Unexpectedly green wedding shoes

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Show of hands, please: who’s planning their Spring wedding now?

Next show of hands: have you considered green shoes?

Maybe I’m biased because my own wedding shoes had green accents (those are Campers by the way, although they just don’t make ’em like they used to…), but I think a little peek of green in a wedding outfit just grounds things a bit.

Oops, sorry: is my granola showing a bit?

Let me just tuck that back under my skirt.

Anyway, let’s gather together now and look at some great green shoes that might kick some butt for your wedding.

I’ve got a lot of different shades here, from evergreen to grass green to mint to jade to neon.

Comments on Unexpectedly green wedding shoes

  1. Finally gereen shoes!!!!! I plan on using Rit dye to transform an old pair of heels that I love but are too dressy to wear anywhere else. But if that doesn;t work, I’m buying these.

  2. I wore green shoes at my wedding in October and they were one of the things that got commented on most! With my tea-length dress, you could see them the whole ceremony and reception and they feature in our pictures ats well. A huge hit!!

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