From Bingo cards to Annie Hall: unconventional wedding invitations from Hello Dahlia

Updated Oct 12 2015
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Get ready to say "hell yeah!" to our offbeat sponsor Hello Dahlia. Hello Dahlia's designer Julie Chapman uses a combination of high quality imported papers, double satin ribbon, vintage materials, and unconventional supplies (like, birch, twine, twigs, fabric and rope) to bring you wedding invitations like you've never seen before.

In order to properly introduce you to Hello Dahlia, let's take a gander at some of my favorite invitations available in the store right now!

Let's start with the peacock invite. But here's my problem, I'm not sure which one I like best, the one pictured above with all the pretty colors and the gorgeous ribbon, or this minimalist peacock design. Oh too many good pretty peacock choices — best problem to have EVAR?

The solution: since Hello Dahlia's work is 100% custom and Julie loves working with clients that are creative and want to collaborate, you could always say, "I love both of them! Can we use the teal and silver peacock design, but add the gorgeous bow like in this one" and voila! You're very own perfect peacock (or whatever…) wedding invites.

How fantastic are these birch tree invitations? This invite is printed on recycled craft paper, with a real piece of birch veneer and the adorable proverbial cherry on top is your own custom wood burned initials in a heart tag. Guh, the cuteness!

Okay, I know that this looks like a birthday invitation, but it's NOT! It's totally the invitation to your circus-themed wedding. Or without the big top, it's an invitation to your colorful, candy-tastic weddingapalooza. Basically Hello Dahlia creations are anything you want them to be on top of being gorgeous!

Finally, I love — no — I lurve these Annie Hall-inspired invitations. Seriously, what other invitation designer would get their inspiration from Annie freaking Hall!? Hello Dahlia, my friends, is awesome and would love the opportunity to work with you to make an invite that you absolutely "lurve."

Want to base your custom Hello Dahlia wedding invite on your favorite Cure lyrics? Or come up with your own crazy carnival invite? Hello Dahlia is ready and willing to help you send your guests something unforgettable.

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