Lauren McGlynn Photography is relocating to the UK!

Updated Oct 12 2015
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Remember photographer Lauren McGlynn? She who brought us The Golden Soul Love Shakedown wedding? Well, she's back and has now become our first UK wedding photography sponsor! Lauren's been based in Austin, TX for the last five years, and staring this summer she'll be permanently based out of Scotland.

In honor of her new digs, Lauren would like to offer up a new Offbeat discount to both UK and Texas couples, and offer the rest of us some brand spankin' new wedding porn from Michelle and Dan's Catholic wedding in East Austin.

Hi, how much do I love that freaking bridesmaid's dress? So so so much. I'd wear that to pretty much everything. But what's really amazing about this wedding is the bride's dress. The groom actually designed and made Michelle's wedding dress (!!!), and their story only gets more adorable from there…

Michelle and Dan had a Catholic ceremony with the addition of a seven-piece band that played along with the mass. Michelle gave each bridesmaid a vintage-style hardback book to carry down the isle with them in place of bouquets. And the literary theme was continued at their reception.

Each table was named for one of Michelle and Dan's favorite books and they had the most adorable cake topper so amazingly book-nerdy! Oh and they also had giant balloons…

Offbeat Discount:Lauren McGlynn is happy to offer 20% off of her wedding packages for UK weddings booked through OBB through the end of 2010. (Psst: Texas brides — Lauren still have few dates open this spring and next fall so she'd like to extend this 20% discount to you guys as well.)

For the complete set of Michelle and Dan's amazing literary-themed wedding head over to Lauren's blog about them and to take advantage of Lauren McGlynn's generous offbeat discount on your wedding photos, head over to her website and snag this wonderful photographer.

  1. Oh my, what a great thing to happen to us Brits!

    I'm not even engaged yet (though my bf & I have already half-jokingly planned our entire wedding in great detail…) & I am determined to get Lauren as my photographer! Don't be relocating again anytime soon, woman! 😀

      • Woohoo! You are doing your bit for the complete lack of offbeat photographers we have here in Scotland. Are you moving to Scotland? Welcome!

        • Thanks Gillian! My husband just got a job at the university up in Aberdeen. I've spent a lot of time in Scotland and we were married there last year, but I've never been to Aberdeen. I'm definitely excited to get there and start photographing awesome Scottish Offbeat weddings.

  2. OK, this is scary, because that is exactly how I have imagined my own wedding dress! The only difference is that I want a slightly darker shade of green for my sash.
    Ah, such a gorgeous couple and such a gorgeous wedding! Best of luck to you!

    • Thank you so much! My husband wanted to use green because it's my favorite color and it matched the peridot in my ring.

      I also wanted to mention that working with Lauren was amazing! She was just so wonderful and captured everything perfectly 🙂

  3. These are gorgeous photos. So lively, unlike all those tired poses you normally see. I love the use of the mural. So much color!

    It all looks so alive and fun. None of that formality, just pure joy. 🙂 Great couple.

  4. I am so glad you are coming to Scotland! I'm not getting married until 2013(!) But I think I've found my photographer. Your pictures are beautiful! I am originally from Aberdeen, but now live in Glasgow. I think you'll like it in 'the Deen'!

    • awww, thanks Sarah! I love Glasgow, so if Aberdeen is anything like it I'm sure I'll be happy there. I'm super excited about seeing the Northern Lights. I've heard that you can see them in Aberdeen. You let me know when you set a date, or if you want an engagement shoot. My husband and I are always looking for a reason to go to Glasgow.

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