Supertfantastic funtime wedding photos from UK’s Lauren McGlynn Photography

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I want to have my wedding all over again just so UK photographer Lauren McGlynn can photograph it. Yes, I'd fly her ass to me, just so I could have some amazing-ass wedding photos like no one else can take. There, I said it.

Seriously, the girl is tal-en-ted. I've already told you how great she is at capturing the feel of a wedding, that she shoots with film if you prefer, AND compared her work to hard-core drugs. So this time I'm gonna hook you up with her new offbeat discount all while showing off a sneak peak of Lotte and David's superfantastic funtime wedding in Scotland.

I'm super glad that Lauren is letting us share this special wedding with you guys, because honestly, it was the shots from Lotte and David's wedding that made me pine for Lauren McGlynn wedding photos of my very own. In particular it was these shots of Lotte getting ready that made me go, “Aw! I want Lauren to make ME look like a freaking starlette!”

And then I forgot all about me as I looked at more and more incredible shots. Because WTF is going on here!? It looks like bridesmaids of all shapes, hair colors and sizes (omg, the little girl is killing me!) are freaking DANCING down the aisle.

Wait, Lauren? Can we just zoom out for a second to embrace the entirety of the awesomeness that is this moment?

Ah, there we go. Yes, Lotte and her posse danced down the aisle under rainbow bunting flags, surrounded by clapping guests.

Lauren McGlynn is the master — sorry, mistress — of capturing the very heart and soul behind your wedding day.

I provide reportage style wedding day coverage, and offer relaxed and natural portraits so that your wedding pictures are more about you and your personality, and are devoid of silly cookie cutter poses.

And whether you're having a small courthouse ceremony…

…or an enormous wedding with a bouncy house on a great big lawn (yes, this is still the same wedding, people), Lauren can and will capture it all. And she doesn't charge ANY travel fees if you're in the UK and Ireland. (Lucky!)

Oh, and she'll do it for a discount too:

OFFBEAT DISCOUNT: Lauren McGlynn is offering a 25% discount to anyone who books her before the end of October 2011. And a 15% off if you book her before the end of 2011. Bam!

We'll have a full post coming later about Lotte and David's epic wedding. But for now, mosey on over to Lauren McGlynn's brand new website (adorable logo FTW!) so that you don't end up like me — wishing upon wish that your wedding photos were taken by the bad-ass Lauren McGlynn.

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Comments on Supertfantastic funtime wedding photos from UK’s Lauren McGlynn Photography

  1. I loved looking at Lotte & Dave’s amazing wedding photos!
    and now I want some Cake of Death….

  2. Bookmarking (dreamvoarding? It’s just a GoogleDoc) for my own dress silhouette. 🙂

  3. L O V E this wedding! I really wanted a bouncy house at my wedding but was told it was out of the question.. but now I see that I’m not the only one with this idea.. How wonderful! And beautiful photography too!

  4. The picture at the top? That’s in Bristol, where I live! Oooh!

    • Yes indeed it is! We had lunch in St Nicholas Market and party at the Trinity Centre… Briz rules 🙂

      • That confused me! It says scotland at the top but I though thats Bristol! I used to live right next to St Nicks.
        Beautiful shots, very inspiring.

  5. Okay, I want that dress! What are the odds that someone knows what it is? I’m in the US, but any sort of jumping off point would be absolutely wonderful.

  6. Lauren shot our wedding in Aug and the pictures are freakin’ awesome! she is really lovely and is a photo ninja! snapping all these lovely pictures of my family and friend without them knowing. I whole heartedly recommend her!!!!!!

  7. Just to add my tuppence worth, I am SO glad we hired Lauren. Not only did she take these awesome photos but on the day she was also like an amazing wedding fairy: she fearlessly adjusted my bra to hide back fat, lugged around my spare shoes alongside her gazillion cameras all day and and gently gave posture tips when I started slouching or showing off my pants. She even counselled me mid-wedding in a pub toilet about some family drama, oh and lay down on the pavement to take pretty pictures of my shoes. This woman is DEDICATED and I love her.

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