Jem & Ellen's Doctor Who adventure wedding

April 15 2014 | offbeatbride  
Photos by: Daniel Ackerley
Photos by Daniel Ackerley

The Offbeat Groom: Jem

His offbeat partner: Ellen

Date and location of wedding: Woodland Manor Hotel, Clapham, Bedford, UK — June 1, 2013

Our offbeat wedding at a glance: I have always been a huge Doctor Who fan and I whisked Ellen off in the TARDIS for this exciting adventure in time and space. I wore the 11th Doctor's outfit and Ellen even managed to track down the same Paul Smith shirt that Matt Smith wore in his first series.





The bridesmaids wore TARDIS blue dresses, and our son Elliot wore a bow tie. Ellen's amazing dress wasn't intended to be a Doctor Who reference at all, but it was remarkably similar to the one Karen Gillan, as Amy Pond, wore in "The Big Bang" episode.


The guests included K9, built by me, and a Dalek. A star chart guided guests to their tables, named after planets from Doctor Who. The table centrepieces were designed and built by me, inspired by the central column of the TARDIS console.


The lighting in the centrepieces was infrared-controlled and could change colour with a flick of my sonic screwdriver.

The favours were little jars of Jelly Babies, decorated with the Seal of Rassilon and a burgundy bow.


Ellen's sister made the fabulous wedding cake, based on a gold/white Dalek design. The opening music for the disco was "Space and Time" by VNV Nation, and the DJ's final set began with the brilliant Green Day/Timelords mashup "Doctor Who on Holiday" by Dean Gray.


Tell us about the ceremony:
Time went a bit wibbly-wobbly on the day with the bride getting lost in the time vortex (aka the A428 Cambridge to Bedford road) and arriving half an hour late for the ceremony. But it all went well after that.

Here's an excerpt from my wedding speech:

I'm not really the Doctor. I'm not a Time Lord. I don't have two hearts. I'm not from Gallifrey. I don't have a time machine and I don't go whizzing around time and space with a wide-eyed girl in a short skirt.

When I was a kid I used to live for Saturday evenings, sitting through those interminable football results, wishing Grandstand would hurry up and finish. My one heart beating rapidly as the continuity voice to announce a brand new, exciting adventure in time and space for Doctor Who. That familiar eerie music would start and I'd be whisked away to distant planets and futuristic space stations with wobbly walls and inhabitants made from bubble wrap and sellotape.

Like many fans, I was completely bereft when it was taken off air in 1989. But somehow I persuaded this amazing woman to let me bring my childhood fantasy with us on this very, very special day. Like the Doctor and River Song, we never do things in the right order. Traditionally we'd have got married, bought a house, and then had kids. We bought a house, then had our three wonderful children, and after only 15 years we got married. She really is "the girl who waited."

And here we are. It's a Saturday evening and this time it really is the start of a brand new and exciting adventure. I feel like a Time Lord on the planet Gallifrey. I even have a TARDIS, a robot dog, and a Dalek to battle… and a stunningly beautiful companion to share this adventure. Today, I am the Doctor and I really do have two hearts. Mine and hers.


Our biggest challenge:
Building the props was challenging and far more time-consuming that we thought, especially the centrepieces. The six centrepieces were finished only the day before the wedding. Plan ahead and plan early!



Care to share a few vendor/shopping links?

Enough talk — show me the wedding porn!

  1. I just love the blue bridesmaid dresses!! I also love the center piece and the cake is pretty cool too. Nice wedding photos. Congratulations!!

    • thanks so much for this Jem, your wedding looks amazing, myself and my fiance is planning a whovian wedding next year, he is wearing the same suit that matt wore to amys wedding and in the "lets kill hitler" episode. We are unable to have a actual tardis or dalek due to budget but have a inflatable dalek and a tent style tardis. Totally love your table plan and was trying to find out how you did it, so glad you posted the details. Although looking on the site cannot find anything about it. its all business stuff, did you design it and they just printed it?

      • Yes, I designed the table plan using "Xara Photo and Graphic Designer" software and then sent it to the printers. It wasn't very expensive. Your "Let's Kill Hitler" idea sounds really fun and I hope it goes really well. If you're on a budget, you can get life-size cardboard standees that look really brilliant. I know one company even makes a life-size three dimensional cardboard TARDIS as well.

        • wow ,you designed the table plan, is there any chance you would be able to do one for me? I absolutely love it so much, could pay you.
          have also looked on ebay at the lifesize cardboard standees just trying to decided which ones, have alos go a load of different figurines to stand inside fishbowl centerpeices for each planet – Slitheen for raxocorophalapatorius, ice warriors for mars, ood for oodsphere, weeping angels for alfalva metatrix

  2. This is such an amazing wedding! That speech! Those centerpieces! That TARDIS!

    I'm dying over here. I NEED A DOCTOR!

  3. "Today, I am the Doctor and I really do have two hearts. Mine and hers." That gave me goosebumps. SO well done – every last detail! <3 <3

  4. Amazing. Everything is simply amazing. You've got a brilliant mind to pull all this off. Your lady-love is very lucky to have you. 🙂

  5. OMG! I think I just exploded from all the fangirl squee-ing I just did. You look like you had an absolutely amazing day!

  6. My daughter is having a Dr. Who sweet 16. I absolutely love the centerpieces you had at your wedding. Would you mind sharing the specifics on how to make them? Thank you

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