I can’t tell which is more beautiful – the brides or their wedding day itself

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In the midst of our Pride celebration week, we bring you a peek at this stunningly beautiful two dress wedding from Boston photographer Jeff Newcum.

Carlyn and Brittany got married at the Barn in Gibbet Hill (100-year old post-and-beam barn turned restaurant) in Groton, Massachusetts. And have you ever seen a more beautiful freaking day in your LIFE!?…

And I LOVE this photo of the bridal party…

If you want to see more photos head over to Jeff Newcum's blog. And to all the brides out there who are BOTH rocking dresses on your wedding day — we celebrate you! Happy Pride!

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  1. Woo! I’m getting married in a barn in Groton too…but the Groton in Suffolk, England. Awesome photos and beautiful smiles. x

  2. It looks like they got married on the Windows background! Everything looks perfect!

  3. So beautiful. Love the white / ivory combination… hopefully this wedding will quell any concerns any brides-to-be are having about this!

  4. Holy moly! Those girls are so beautiful, and so obviously in love. It is a heart-warming thing to see, so perfectly in these pictures.

  5. You guys should go in and check out the pictures of their dads dancing. It’s hilarious!

  6. Love it. Love the dresses, love the weather, love the photography.

    The weather looks so perfect, it’s like the old Windows background, or a greeting card or something!

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