Music & Madonna-inspired wedding (plus inadvertent Twilight wedding photo?)

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Thanks to OBT member Dannette for submitting these photos to our Offbeat Bride flickr pool, we’re kinda going a little nuts-o getting excited about a lot of these wedding details…

Cupcake Shot Like this photo that looks like the Twilight book cover, only with a cupcake and super bad ass bridal gauntlets.

Save a match...strike a pose! Like Dannette and her Madonna-inspired wedding style.

Look at this cake!! Like this drum wedding cake with personalized sticks as a cake topper! And yes, that’s a freaking cake!

To see more from Dannette and Nick’s music and Madonna inspired wedding check out the slideshow and hopefully there will be more details to come!


Comments on Music & Madonna-inspired wedding (plus inadvertent Twilight wedding photo?)

  1. I LUV saddle shoes!!!! I kinda want a pair and cant find them anywhere. But theyre probably easier to find for lil' gurls. Yeah, I spelled that with a "u" . Like you do when you're reffering to a chick who's hardcore. Like these sweethearts.

  2. Love those gauntlet gloves! I have 2 large, long scars down my lower arm from a surgery, and something like that would cover them, and still look fantastic.

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