Dinos and elephants: Holiday jewelry shopping with Turtle Love

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The way to our hearts: this heart necklace from Turtle Love

I don't know about you, but I get pretty window shop-y online around this time of the year. It's hard not to start buying pretties for yourself while browsing for gifts. I'll warn you now, that's going to be extra challenging when we start looking at our sponsor Turtle Love for jewelry gifts for the holidays or for your wedding party (or both — looking at you holiday wedding-havers). We've collected quirky goodness for all types — animals, initials, and of course, the official gift of New Years: the engagement ring! Let's peruse the shiny, glittery goods and get all starry-eyed, shall we?


Location necklaces from Turtle Love

For your steadfast wedding party members

Gift your posse with their own location necklaces. Long-distance pals, hometowns, favorite vacation spots… there's a place for everyone. Plus, your party won't be too matchy-matchy, which is a plus.


Customize the number of babies in this mom and family necklace

For mom

While a necklace saying “I love my mom” might please her, we're more into digging on these ultra endearing mom and baby animal necklaces. Widdle duckies and elephanties — I can't stop baby-talking these! But seriously, these are making my mom-loving day.


Dinosaur necklace from Turtle Love

For the dinosaur lovers in your life

We just saw the sweet animal families above, but this dino necklace is… well, a clever girl. Brontosaurus and triceratops necklaces for the win. God creates dinosaurs. God destroys dinosaurs. God creates man. Man creates these necklaces. We buy these necklaces… okay, enough Jurassic Park references for one day.


Make your gift-giving have a positive impact with this elephant necklace

For those who never forget (ominous music) or just those who are into saving baby elephants:

Elephants rock. This we know. Elephant necklaces rock. This will be proven. Buying one of these tiny cuties also benefits The Elephant Sanctuary. Be a do-gooder and a look-gooder.

New Year's engagement

Don't even get us started on the selection for this particular category. If you or your partner are planning to pop the question, you'll definitely want to hit up Turtle Love's selection of artisan, vintage, and classic rings. It makes me want to propose to the next person I see. I really hope Alexander Skarsgård somehow walks through my door right now…

No matter what your reason for giving this season, we hope that these give a little inspiration for gifts for your favorite loved ones. When they're helping you plan your wedding (or your holiday dinner, for that matter), they surely deserve it.

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