An ode to Offbeat Bride’s most popular shoe of all time

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In the five years I've been writing shoe posts (Hello? What the hell? How has it been that long?), I've always been able to track product purchases. As always, I can't see WHO buys what (your Hitachi purchases are safe, friends — no shame, all joy!), I can see which products people buy after clicking a link on Offbeat Bride. This is called affiliate tracking and I've written about it a bunch over here on the Offbeat Empire business blog.

Without a doubt, the most popular shoe of all time ever and ever is T.U.K.'s peacock pump. It's aff-$44-able and cute, and while I don't see quite as many peacock-themed weddings as I used to, small peacock details are still making weddings everywhere more beautiful… and these shoes are a great nod.

But what of T.U.K.'s other shoes? Many of them are creepers, which are ideal for our slice of psychobilly readers. Well, for the rest of you, I want to share T.U.K.'s other more formal footwear — pumps and flats that are allllmost as cute as the peacock shoe. (Almost. What could ever be that cute?)




A8393L Slide Pump

A8326L Pump

A8316L Pump

A8314L Pump

A8300L Pump

A8317L Pump

A8518L Slide Pump

A8085L Platform Pump

A8049L Platform Pump

Random bonus shoe

Little Bunny Shoe Shoe

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Comments on An ode to Offbeat Bride’s most popular shoe of all time

  1. LOVE these – I had my credit card out to order the foxy green ones but alas, out of stock. would have been perfect for my steampunk-Maid-Marian costume, as well as any other day that ever happens.

  2. As a photographer who photographs the shoes of the bridal party, I love these colorful designs..a nice change from what I normally see.

  3. OMG the galaxy shoes would be perfect for my planetarium wedding! Alas, they are only available in size 5? Damn. Any idea where else I can purchase those beauties?

  4. I have the Galaxy Shoes! I love them so much and can’t wait to rock them for my wedding!

  5. Fuck. I came to this post just to debug some stuff with our commenting system and instead bought some shoes.
    -Offbeat Empire’s Dev

  6. What! Totally going to check these out further and probably put an order in soon. Already obsessed with the galaxy ones…these rule. Thanks for sharing!!!

  7. I have those peacock shoes!! They’re insanely adorable AND I can wear them all day without my feet hurting. Those galaxy ones might be something I need very soon though.

  8. If anyone is interested… I have a pair of these peacock shoes in pink and gray that I’d like to send to a new home!! They are size 7 and a smidge too small for me 🙂

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