Brides love unicorns: new Offbeat Bride tshirts

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It's been many years since we pushed out a batch of Offbeat Bride t-shirts, and so (thanks to our Assistant Editor Superman, who really does live up to her name) we just cranked out a new batch of Offbeat Bride t-shirts!

This pink unicorn shirt (“Give that bride a unicorn. Brides love unicorns.”) is one of several designs available including our old classic “Altar your thinking” shirt, and the Offbeat Empire designs that we gave away at our party last fall. All of the designs are available in a range of colors and sizes (including full plus-size options). You can see them all here.

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  1. those shirts are awesome! my wife would love one of those! love em so much that i tweeted and +1’d it!

  2. OK, I know this is a stpid question but I can’t find any info on the site of what S, M, L etc sizes are equivalent to.

    Any idea what sizes they are equivalent to? (I am assuming american sizes btw as I am in the uk.)

    • If you click to view each product, you can click where it says “sizing” to get measurements:

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