Fantastical bridal head-dresses from Plumed Serpent

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So, I grew up on a one-lane dirt road on an Island near Seattle. We didn't have many neighbors, but it turns out that the girl who grew up one door down the dirt road is now making some of the most amazing bellydance-inspired headpieces I've never seen.

Daniella White lives in Los Angeles now, and she crafts fabulous custom-made headpieces that will blow your freaking mind. Made from feathers, bits of vintage fur, jewelry, and whatever other bits of magic Daniella can find, the headpieces would make a truly stunning veil alternative for a bride who wanted to make a big statement.

Can you imagine walking down a snowy aisle for your winter wedding wearing this custom piece? (Click the photo for more info!)

Ooh, or your early spring 2010 wedding, dancing amidst the flowers in this:

Or this?

Or maybe you're still working on your Summer 2009 wedding, trying to figure out what to do instead of a veil … maybe something like this!?

Imagining any of these on an autumn bride pretty much makes me swoony:

photos by John Fallon Photography

Although Daniella has several headpieces ready-to-wear, most of her work is custom … so go get inspired and see what you can dream up. You can find Daniella on both Etsy and

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  1. oh i want to cry. i wish i had had one for my wedding! it would have solved all my hair issues! haha! so beautiful!

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