Four more reasons to jump on the Traveler’s Joy wedding registry train

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We love making your wedding registry experience easier by keeping you updated on our long-time sponsor Traveler's Joy and all their helpful wedding and honeymoon registry additions.

We now bring you four more reasons why you should be registering with Traveler's Joy for, well, whatever you want!

Lazy registering FTW: Instant registry functionality

Their Instant Registry feature allows you to complete your registry with one click! You can choose from a list of pre-made, theme-based (think beach, cruise, mountains) or location-specific (think Italy or St. Lucia) registries.

Get inspired: Real member registry pages

Traveler's Joy shares some of their favorite registry pages — the ones that are especially fun, interesting, enjoyable to read, and enticing to guests. These registries can help y'all to envision some of the exciting honeymoon activities and experiences you could add to your registries.

Take a break: Real honeymoon stories

We know that you guys like to hear about real honeymoons for inspiration, travel tips, and the photos (it's like traveling without spending the dough!). Well, Traveler's Joy has over fifty real stories from past members about their amazing honeymoons.

Your guests will love you: Budget friendly

The Traveler's Joy registry system makes it really easy to divide the cost of expensive items into manageable gift pieces. For example, a camera that may cost $500 is actually split up into four gift listings of $125.

So, if you guys are looking to register for things far beyond a typical department store's registry, head over to Traveler's Joy and satisfy your wanderlust!

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  1. We used this registry. I was bummed they didn’t have a Chicago registry but I looked at ones they had for other cities to get ideas.

    Anyway our guests have loved it! We’ve ended up getting ALL of our gifts from this registry so far. The wedding us next weekend so we’ll see if that trend holds!

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