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Let your friends and family crowdsource this amazing experience for you.
Let your friends and family crowdsource this amazing experience for you.
Do you and your life-mate-to-be already live together? If so, you probably already have all the silverware and toasters that you need, right? Maybe you're living in a tiny space and you don't have room to be gifted more stuff. Ahem ahem… you know what there's always room for? A sweet-ass honeymoon!

If you and your partner are more the type that would rather go to China than receive china, then you should check out sponsor Traveler's Joy — an online honeymoon registry.

Here's how it works…

Simply set up an account, and Traveler's Joy will provide you with a registry page to share your honeymoon travel plans with your wedding guests.

They even make it super-easy with their Instant Registry functionality, which allows you to complete your registry in minutes by choosing from a list of pre-made templates. Your Instant Registry can be theme-based (think: beach, cruise, mountains) or location-specific (think: China, Yosemite).

All your guests have to do is head to Traveler's Joy where they can pick from a list of honeymoon-based gifts and activities that they can all contribute towards. Basically, it's the best of both worlds: your guests can easily give you gifts, and you get to save shelf space.

Lastly, Traveler's Joy has been around for a LONG time, and we've loved working with them since 2010! We've seen a lot of alt-registries come and go over the past four years, and Traveler's Joy is one of the few to be long-trusted and much-loved.

OFFBEAT SPECIAL: Every month, between May 1st and October 31st, 2014, Traveler's Joy will pick one lucky couple on their wedding day and TRIPLE the honeymoon gifts they receive from their Traveler's Joy registry! Register with Traveler's Joy by April 30th, 2014 and you will automatically be entered to win!

Get the honeymoon of your dreams with Traveler's Joy!

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Comments on Screw stuff — register for experiences with Traveler’s Joy

  1. We used Traveler’s Joy for our Costa Rica honeymoon and loved it–easy to set up and fun to play around with. I liked the progress bar at the top of the page that showed how close we were to our goal. The only downside I came across was that the site takes a small percentage of each gift as a processing fee. So if someone gives you $50 for snorkeling, you only get something like $48 of it. Not a huge deal but it made the math a little trickier.

  2. We used Traveler’s Joy for our honeymoon as well, and it was awesome. We paid for most of our wedding ourselves, and saving up for a honeymoon on top of it was too daunting, so this was a perfect solution. Our guests liked picking out which things they were going to buy for us (even though in the end it’s all one pool of funds), and we could email them photos from the resort saying “here we are with the ‘drinks on the beach’ you got us for a gift!” It was really fun.

  3. We’re using a similar site, Honeyfund, to help offset honeymoon expenses. It was recommended to us by several people because the fees are very low and it’s super easy to set up. Wedding guests can help pay for our airfare, get us tickets to museums and exhibits we want to see, pay for meals, help upgrade us to first class, or whatever. As a previous poster said, people like knowing they’ve contributed to a specific “thing” rather than to a general fund.

  4. We used Travelor’s Joy and just “rounded up” on a few things to cover the fees they charge. (Something that might really cost $80 got rounded up to $100, or something that really cost $15 got rounded up to $20.) I just set things at a whole bunch of different “price points” depending on where people might be comfortable giving. A whole bunch of small options near $20-25, a whole bunch at $50, $75, and $100 and a few outrageous “we’d never do this without someone giving it us us” prices. I was utterly shocked when someone gave us a $300 couples massage, and holy cow that was definitely one of the best massages I’ve ever gotten! It was much needed after all of the wedding stress! The $300 was enough to cover the site’s fee, the actual massage for each of us, and the tip for each masseuse.

  5. Just working on this today. It’s a bit detaily lol, but we are DETERMINED to get these save the date cards out this week!!

  6. Set this up last night at your suggestion. Within a half hour, already got our first gift toward our extended road trip. Round trip drive from Florida to Vermont (for the wedding itself) to Toronto (for the honeymoon) and back to Florida. Have options to chip in toward the rental car, gas money, hotel, food, people watching, couples’ massage, even the obligatory stop at South of the Border on the way home for fireworks and a casino stop. Great idea for couples who already live together and have no use for a brand new pots and pans set.

  7. Any suggestions on how to spread the word to family and friends about the site? I’m sharing it on facebook and such, but most of my family is expecting an insert in the invitation with the registry information. I’m probably just going to print up little cards myself. Any suggestions on how to word those? I know it’s not traditional but I’ve been asked by family to do it.

    • Most folks include registry information on their wedding website. Here’s are a couple examples of wording I found online:

      Of course, gifts are NOT expected, but should you be so inclined, we have decided to offer our family and friends a new alternative to the usual registries, since we are lucky enough to have all the household items that newlyweds commonly register for. Please visit [URL OF YOUR TRAVEL REGISTRY] for more details.

      Or you could even do a poem:

      We are sending out this invitation
      In hope you’ll join our celebration
      But if a gift is your intention
      We’ll take this opportunity to mention
      We have already got a kettle and toaster
      crockery, dinner mats, and matching coasters
      so rather than something we have already got
      We would appreciate money for our honeymoon pot
      But most importantly we request
      That you come to our wedding as our guest”

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