Use the "trash bag method" to keep your dress clean en route

Updated Aug 23 2017

Remember Ruby and James' laid-back wedding? One of our favorite parts of this wedding was the ingenious (and hilarious) re-purposing of one of our favorite tips — using a trash bag to help you pee in your big ol' wedding dress. But she didn't just use the trash bag to protect her dress in the restroom, she used it to protect her dress all the way to the venue!

Let's see what Ruby had to say about it:

I saw the "How to pee with a trash bag" post and thought it was an absolutely awesome idea to keep my dress clean on the way to the venue. It was a restaurant inside a shopping mall and I didn't want to walk around the centre wearing a poofy ballgown dress.

When I mentioned the idea of showing up in a trash bag, my best friend said it was an absolutely terrible idea and it would be worse than walking around in the big dress. That was until she actually saw me in the trash bag! It was made even better because I used the drawstrings on the bag like a spaghetti-strap dress!

Everyone loved it when I was mingling with them pre-ceremony. That also added to the awesomeness because I didn't have to reveal my dress before the actual ceremony since I was already wearing it from the location shots with the photographer beforehand.

A dress well worth protecting, amirite? Photo by Clarzzique

Let us know if you're planning to use the trash bag bathroom trick… or if you're planning to sport it out and about, too!

  1. Great idea! This would be ingenious for rainy days as well. An umbrella/jacket would keep your upper half dry, but a trash bag could help protect the rest of your outfit.

  2. I did this for my bridal portrait! My dress was tulle so it didn't wrinkle. I used a clear bag. My dress wouldn't zip without serious help, so there is a picture of me being zipped up whilst wearing said giant trashbag. Full of win.

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