When is too soon to book a venue?

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We just got engaged less than a week ago and have begun calling around to get pricing info for venues and caterers. Fiancé says its too soon to start planning and I have to relax. I want a wedding in 10 months and don't want to miss out because I waited.

Am I jumping the gun? When do you start making plans and putting down deposits?

Depending on your region and your venue, some spots can get booked out a year (or even two years!) in advance — so sooner is probably fine.

We'd love to hear from Offbeat Bride readers — when is too early to book wedding venue?

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  1. I’d agree with having a chat with your fiance about whether he wants to get used to the idea. For us it was the other way round!
    He proposed, I accepted, but it took 3 weeks for it to sink in and become real for me. The night after he proposed, there were birthday drinks with friends, and I didn’t go, I knew they’d be all ‘whoop’ about the engagement and it was just too much to take in. If he’d started on immediately with me about booking venues etc. I wouldn’t have been able to cope with that.
    As it is, that was in the beginning of November, we’d booked the venue before Christmas, and now 7 months later, it’s less than 2 weeks till the big day! So give him some time, if you think he may need it.

    I’d also agree that nothing is too soon to book if it’s wedding related. That said, you’ll always be able to find something, even if it isn’t your first choice. I left it very late to book a make-up artist, and was struggling with finding someone available, but I now have, and she’s frikkin awesome!

  2. Gah, only 10 months? Start looking and book for sure! It really depends where you’re getting married, but I started looking 2 years out and some of the places I viewed already had bookings for around my date.

    Early is always better, unless you’re planning on someone’s property, or a backyard wedding. Even then, I’d start looking now.

  3. We got engaged last December and booked the venue a week later. We wanted July 2014. Neatly 20 months in advance and the first two dates we wanted were already gone.

    That being said, the venue is quite popular, and July is peak season.

  4. We’re getting married in 15 months and we already have our venue booked, and we’re interviewing other vendors. 10 months isn’t too early.

  5. I really think it depends on where you live and what your budget is. I live in the Boston area, and we were planning on a budget lower than average where we live. The less expensive venues definitely book up quick. Plus, we had a guest list of about 140 (we got our estimate at 130, and we ended up having 115). We got engaged in May, and booked a venue in June planning for September of the following year. So we booked 15 months in advance. AND when we booked we ended up choosing a Sunday because all the Saturdays were already taken! September is also a very popular month for weddings (at least in New England). So in the end, our budget, where we live, the number of people we needed to accommodate (we looked at a few venues that were cheap, but maxed out at 75-ish people), and the time of year we wanted all effected our venue search. I definitely don’t think it is too early to at least start researching places and calling to see how far they are booked out!

  6. We booked our venue, Discovery Bay at the Minnesota Zoo, somewhere between 1.5-2 years in advance. We got very lucky with the timing because the dolphins, the main attraction of Discovery Bay, left the zoo and the exhibit was closed for renovations two weeks after our wedding. I wanted to book early to be done with the process, but too early could potentially result in too many unknowns for the venue.

  7. I got engaged on my 4th anniversary (march 2016). Till July we had no plans at all and were just enjoying our engagement. Then we had a little idea what we want and WHEN (we agreed on September 2017) and start making lists of venues to compare. Last week of August we booked the venue. Now it’s September and we have our venue, band, church and photographer. And the Theme. Nothing “big” to worry about in next 6 months. That is really making me feel calm and enjoying the planning 🙂

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