When is too soon to book a venue?

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We just got engaged less than a week ago and have begun calling around to get pricing info for venues and caterers. Fiancé says its too soon to start planning and I have to relax. I want a wedding in 10 months and don't want to miss out because I waited.

Am I jumping the gun? When do you start making plans and putting down deposits?

Depending on your region and your venue, some spots can get booked out a year (or even two years!) in advance — so sooner is probably fine.

We'd love to hear from Offbeat Bride readers — when is too early to book wedding venue?

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  1. I just got engaged three days ago, and I’ve already gotten quotes from two venues, and we’ll be visiting one next week. We haven’t even set a date, but based on availability we probably are going to get married in early May of 2014 (just over 10 months away). You’re not too early. Better safe than sorry!

  2. Never too early! We booked our October date in January. We are using a vacation rental, so we probably didn’t have to book that far out(I doubt October is really that busy for them) but my sweetie is a planner! I’m so grateful she is because I am not- she’s practically planned the whole thing, but we’ve discussed everything as we’ve gone along. Communicating is key to wedding planning. I was worried at first that she might feel like “this is what you want, just tell me where to show up” because it seemed that way at first, but as soon as I said I wanted her input and help I haven’t really done anything except explain my “vision” – also, the time between picking a date and that actual date will soar by in a blink of an eye- planning as much ahead as you can will save you oodles of stress in the end. Good luck!

  3. We booked our venue in December 2011 for a September 2013 wedding! It’s one of the very first tasks for wedding planning, and once you have that in place you can organize everything else around it based on the date and location. If you want to have a 10 month engagement I would say definitely book it in sooner rather than later.

  4. I think we booked our venue about the same time. Some areas you kind-of need to book really far ahead. Like major cities like LA, NY, DC, and Chicago (poor Chicago and it’s lack of abbreviation)

    It also depends on what venue you are looking at. I know certain famous locations can be booked for two years! But these tend to be places that are major gardens, specialty homes, etc, that probably only do one wedding a weekend.

    As for booking too early? I would only say other than not staying together, the only other issue is changing your wedding to an earlier date. Originally I planned for a fall wedding, but my hubby and I decided, we couldn’t wait. So we bumped it to May, instead- then booked a place.

  5. We booked our almost a year in advance. I wanted to make sure I did not miss out on a place that I loved. And also once you find THE place it is nice to just book it and move on to the next decision.

  6. We booked our venue over a year in advance. And let me tell you, getting a head start on planning is awesome. Because here I am with 5 months left and I feel totally chill because we have almost everything taken care of. I wanted to get the planning out of the way early so I wouldn’t have anything to panic over when the date approaches, and I don’t!

  7. We booked our original venue ~1 year in advance, but switched venues a few months later. We initially wanted a date close to our original one, but 9 months out, every weekend was booked. We had them look two months in either direction for a free weekend, and there was only one. One! It was two months earlier than the other date, but we took it. Otherwise we’d have been postponing the wedding by _four_ months.

    So, doing the math, the venue we switched to was booked solid (except the single date that we took) for 13 months out. Booking early is definitely a good plan, with some places.

  8. It’s never too soon to start looking and pricing. I started looking (just to get an idea) and I found the perfect place, and it’s a good thing I found it early because you HAVE to book a year in advance.

  9. It’s never too soon. 10 months is not really a long time. Wedding takes many months to prepare. Besides, you might get early bird discount if you book months away.

  10. I’m so glad to see this question! I’ve been trying to figure it out, but I admit, this particular kind of planning is not my specialty. I’m happy there are so many answers!

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