These time-lapse videos will change the way you think about capturing moments at your wedding

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time-lapse wedding videos

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Our newest sponsor, UK-based video producer and photographer Pete Whitcroft, has found a new way to create wedding videos — with Time-Lapse Tales. The Time-Lapse Tales' signature style blends videography with photography, bridging the gap between the two and creating something really cool. Pete captures weddings by taking over 30,000(!) individual photographs and combining them into time-lapse wedding videos…

What it looks like

The fast pace of these time-lapse wedding videos is super fun to watch. When you think about it, the speed reflects the fleeting nature of experience itself. If you've been married you know that the day goes by in flashes and snippets. Now your wedding video can reflect your exact memories of the day.

It's just a fab way to capture all those tiny, spontaneous moments you might miss with just traditional photography. Here's the low-down on how it all goes down, if you want the real deal details (plus more video examples!).

What it feels like

time-lapse wedding videos
The bursts of laughter during the ceremony.
time-lapse wedding videos
The sweet hugs.
time-lapse wedding videos
And stolen kisses.

How it works

  • On the big day, he'll arrive from the moment you are ready to be photographed and stay until everything has finished.
  • He shoots as “a one-man (always-smiling) team” — no video crews, no continuous lighting sources, no microphones, and no unnecessary self-consciousness!
  • Pete will consult with you before and after your wedding, to hear your own ideas about the final video, as well as the soundtrack.

Even though he's based in the UK, Pete will travel globally — no destination is too far! If you want to learn more or would like a quote, don't hesitate to reach out to him. And, if you're game for one super-unique wedding video, visit Time-Lapse Tales and participate in the evolution of time-lapse!


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