Halloween wedding table decor that’s NOT for the faint of heart or superstitious

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Photos by Life Long Studios
Photos by Life Long Studios.

Kyra and Mitchell had a Tim Burton-themed Halloween wedding in North Reddington Beach, Florida. Staci Mandikas from UNIQUE Event Design told us, “Kyra is a shy one and it took a while to pull the concept from her, but once we learned that she LOVES Tim Burton movies, their Halloween wedding concept was born!”

Clearly, the adorable bride Kyra looked stunning in her red gown, her husband wore all black and those colors became a running theme throughout all of their decor. And man did they pull out ALL THE STOPS when it came to their spooky, Burton-y, Halloween reception table decor.

WARNING: their centerpiece, while beautiful, just might give you seven years of bad luck and/or cut you!

Um, let me count the ways I love this set-up. Drippy spooky shredded table cloth, the dark red napkins and the black bacara roses, feathers, eggplant orchids, broken mirrors, and dark spindly branches combined to create that spooky yet elegant hanging centerpiece! WOW. This is why I love Halloween weddings.

Let's see more of this amazing table…

Table runner, red rose petals, floating candles, floating centerpiece… is there anything this table DOESN'T have?

Here's a view of the hanging branches. God damn, this is cool!

The hanging broken mirror pieces manage to be both creepy and elegant. This decor is NOT for the superstitious… or for those who are afraid of cutting themselves on their wedding centerpieces.

The color combination of the linens is SO spot on. I love the silver and dark red combination.


If you want to see more of Kyra and Mitchell's Tim Burton-themed Halloween wedding, head over to UNIQUE Event Designs blog for more awesome photos from Life Long Studios.

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  1. Aww Kyra, I’m so happy for you and Mitchell! These pictures are absolutely beautiful, p.s will you help me plan my wedding! haha

  2. I love the rose petals on you tables. I want to do the same but I’m afraid it might stain the tablecloth. What do you think?

  3. I absolutely love this idea! I was wondering how you were able to have the glass hanging that way. Any tips on how to duplicate this? I was thinking of hanging bloody glass pieces around our vases for centerpieces.

    Thanks in advance!

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